Zagoa Festival 2015 Morocco

Imagine sand dunes in a crisp fine yellow against a sky of bright blue. Imagine stars that seem to pop up above the horizon of sand dunes almost low enough to catch and the sharing of visual experiences never before experienced. This is only a little of what goes into the Zagoa Festival 2015 –Morocco experience. While it could be described as a festival, the third edition of this event will be more than that and promises experiences of light and sound in a backdrop that’s simply amazing. Where else in the world can sand and sky collide in such a dramatic nature?
The heat of the May sun settles over the dunes and the festivities begin, encouraging all those who come to experience the very best of what trance has to offer. It’s the beginning of a new season, a time to open up to all your senses being awoken after a winter of discontent.

As in previous psytrance festivals, the full moon will be celebrated as the opening of the festival with the ceremony that visitors share and which marks the start of something new and exciting, which will surpass most participant’s expectations.

Expect five days and nights of total immersion in the trance atmosphere of Zagoa Festival 2015 Morocco as this promises to be the event of the year with laser shows such as you may never have seen before, and holographic images to awaken your every celebratory moment.

While the line-up is yet to be decided, past experience has shown that there will be no lacking of entertainment as VJs, performers and sound systems clash into the night sky to offer visitors an immersive experience of a lifetime. With acoustics such as provided by the Moroccan Sahara, The Trance DJs will be churning out the music, fire breathers breathing flame into the desert night, while film makers delight in capturing the moments others venues cannot offer, due to the unique location of the festival.

Zagoa Festival 2015 Morocco Tickets


Zagoe Festival 2015 – Morocco offers visual intensity to help you forget about life and simply submerge yourself in entertainment full on. The key factors – creativity and a really professional style of presentation as in the previous two years since the start of the event.

The event organizers say that the desert cannot be explained, it can only be experienced and they’re not wrong. Imagine nothing taking away the concentration on light and sound as the desert offers little distraction from enjoyment and total immersion.

Since the festival is limited to 1000 people, be sure to get your tickets early and remember, the early bird catches the worm with prices from November being cheaper than later and at the gate tickets being limited to 300.
Feel your senses come to life with a sensory experience that’s unforgettable and remember that the location at Zagora is reached easily from Marrakesh but get there early to make the most of settling into this bewildering environment in time for the Festival.

Zagoa Festival 2015 Morocco Line Up


Well organized and stunningly presented, this is likely to be one of the best festivals of Summer 2015 in an ambiance which offers the best acoustics and light show possible. It’s going to be unbelievable not only because of where it is, but because the best music and sensory experience you can have is part of the Zagoa Festival 2015 – Morocco agenda, the organizers ever aware that coming a long way to join together for trance and stunning light experience is what the visitors have come to expect.

Line up details and exact prices will be displayed in the near future, though do watch this space, since Morocco extends its warmth toward you not just being there, but feeling and experiencing being there by awakening your soul, amid the dunes.


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