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West Germany Opens its doors to psy trance

As one of the largest venues for psy trance in the outdoors, the Wonderland International Trance Festival 2015, Germany is likely to be mega-huge by any standards. The 2014 festival which ran between 21st and 24thAugust, was a sell out affair with an array of performances and DJ mixes giving the event a great standing in the psy trance entertainment field.

Respecting nature

With nature and woodland being at the very core of the Wonderland ethos, the Wonderland International Trance Festival, 2015, Germany is an event not to miss. The catchwords are to respect nature and to gather together as an organically grown group of people in a forest Wonderland. In fact, the laser displays, the choices of music and the backdrop do indeed make this a wonderland never to be forgotten.

The lineup

It’s one of the largest gatherings of this nature in the trance calendar, and should be bookmarked for next year, because the lineup is likely to be even more astounding than it was this year. With more than 25 different DJs the pulse was kept going around the clock, and the live trance djs and bands music offered 22 live groups, with deco and visuals from Clickwork and Liquid Sky Productions among many others. Although the lineup has not yet been released, watch this space, as the Wonderland International Trance Festival, Germany is likely to have one of the most impressive lineups on the psy trance calendar for a European tour for 2015.


Late August is as far as we know for the time being, though this is helpful for fans to start to make their plans for the European circuit for next year.

So what is Wonderland all about?

Wonderland takes you to a place where you are totally absorbed in the 98 decibel music around the clock. Although short clear up breaks are anticipated, other venues on the same site offer continual music. Wonderland is about feeling at one with your own body. It’s about feeling at one with nature and with the music. It’s about excluding all the worries that surround life, and watching laser lights across the evening skies catch magical moments against the branches of the forest. It’s about music and mostly about people getting together and feeling very happy indeed.

Why International?

As you are likely to find out when you book up and visit the Wonderland International Trance Festival 2015, Germany, you will be rubbing shoulders with people from all over the world. Such is the reputation of the festival and those who haven’t experienced a psy trance event of this size will find that sharing it with people from Germany, Holland, the United Kingdom, Spain and countries much further afield truly makes Wonderland merit the label of International.

The Wonderland International Trance Festival 2015, Germany may even make it to the top of fans favorite lists of festivals for the future. The experience helps you to transcend daily worries and find yourself in a better space, one where real life ends and Wonderland truly opens up the doors to possibilities.

Bookmark me

For such a large event, bookmark this page, because it is likely to become a part of history in the making as the International Trance Festival 2015, Germany struts its stuff in an ambiance which is unforgettable. Be present in the moment and capture the essence of what Wonderland is really all about.  The sun rises on another day, the camp stirs and the dancers take to the dance floor. Make sure you have your rightful place among their numbers.

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