Wicked Forest Psychedelic Festival 2014

04.09.2014 – 07.09.2014
Jabuka / near Belgrade

Forest is a place of magic and peril. In fairy tales, forest is a place where people may experience many peculiar things during their journey, where they can find dwellings of monsters, meet witches, evil spirits, even fairies. In fairy tales, villagers didn’t often venture into the heart of the forest and therefore didn’t know what scary things, of which they were afraid their whole life, lie there. Even those who did venture, and managed to return, were not themselves anymore. In the wicked forest, something transformed them into different persons. But common people never realised what it was…

At the very end of the summer, after you return from other festivals, a forest one will be waiting for you. Located in the green surroundings at the riverbank of the Tamiš river, it is an ideal spot to end this summer’s festival fever.

International and domestic trance djs and artists (about 30 live acts and 50 DJ sets), main and chill stage, fluo decorations, fire dancers, shops, powerful NEXO sound systems, beautiful riverbank, friendly locals, and many more!

Wicked Forest Psychedelic Festival 2014 Lineup



Alienapia / Ukraine
Behind Blue Eyes / Denmark
E-Clip / Serbia
Excizen / Serbia
Flegma / Serbia
Goasia / Serbia
Hardy.Veles / Serbia
Imba / Serbia
Koxbox / Denmark
ManMachine / Serbia
Middle Mode / Serbia
Molok / Serbia
Nerso / Serbia
Opsy / Serbia
Relativ / Serbia
Rezolut / Serbia
Sideform / Serbia
Sonic Entity / Serbia
Spirit Architect / Macedonia
Subliminal Codes / Serbia
Suduaya / France
Vertex / Serbia
Zyce / Serbia


Banel / Denmark
Boom Shankar / Germany
Damzah / Bosnia and Herzegovina
DaPEACE / Serbia
Djantrix / Macedonia
Dinke / Serbia
Filip / Serbia
Iooi / Russia
MarkPanic / Serbia
Miloš / Serbia
Mića / Serbia
Mozza / Serbia
Nesbo / Serbia
Oleg / Hungary
Pura / Serbia
Quendy / Russia
Rio / Croatia
Rix / Austria
Sale / Serbia
Sima / Serbia
Special D Fact / Serbia
Stole / Serbia
Tom S. / Brasil
Tzobree / Serbia
Val Vashar / Croatia
Vlada / Serbia



Atlantida Project / Russia
Float / Serbia
Glupiy Beliy / Russia
Kanc Cover / Serbia
KarenKa / Russia
Magnetik / Serbia
Mars Flowers / Serbia
Mushroomsband / Russia
numbers don’t lie / Russia
Ra Djan / Israel
Three Pandas and The Moon / Belarus
Sinestesia / Russia
Solar Kid / Serbia
Suduaya / France
Sufi’s life & Merlin / Serbia
Ticu / Serbia
Translippers / Russia
Zymosis / Ukraine


Anicha / Russia
AnnesZia / Russia
Damzah / Bosnia and Herzegovina
DaPeace / Serbia
Dowla & MarkPanic / Serbia
Dunya / Serbia
Forest Creature / Serbia
Marko Ilic / Serbia
Kristijan / Serbia
Klinotaxis / Russia
Kanc Cover / Serbia
mali buda / Serbia
Manda / Serbia
Max Worm / Latvia
Meho / Croatia
Merlin / Serbia
Milan Stošić / Serbia
Mića / Serbia
Shoshana / Slovenia
Talisman Poke / Serbia
Toxeen / Serbia
Tzobree / Serbia
x3no / Latvia
Zarko / Serbia

Wicked Forest Psychedelic Festival 2014 Tickets

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