The Wanderlust Festival is a summer festival that combines live music with yoga. It was first held in Squaw Valley in July 2009.

The concept for Wanderlust started when Jeff Krasno got inspired by the yoga community that he saw coming in and out of his wife’s studio in Manhattan. Krasno is the co-founder of the record label and artist management company Velour Music Group. He wanted to integrate all the things that both he and his wife love, and set out to organize a unique event that would combine live music and daily yoga classes. Also included are hiking, organic food, and wine, and inspirational speakers, like Deepak Chopra, all set outdoors. The objective of the festival is to come away inspired.

Wanderlust has gained popularity, and more and more people attend its series of events. Festival organizers even opened a permanent venue in Austin, Texas. It offers live music with yoga and organic food throughout the year.

What does a Wanderlust Festival offer you? Wanderlust events are an opportunity to experience and discover the extraordinary. Festivals are set in breathtaking natural locations and feature world famous yoga instructors, inspiring lectures, live music, outdoor expeditions, art, organic food and wine.

Wanderlust 108
Wanderlust 108 is a triathlon, a combination of a five-kilometer run, meditation and an outdoor yoga class.

Whether you are a pro or new to the practice, you can have your own ideal day of yoga in Wanderlust. You can do relaxing meditation, yin classes, or challenge yourself with something new, such as aerial yoga.

Music at Wanderlust is about discovering, and spending an evening with artists you know and love. Enjoy a wide variety of musical performances, from main stage evenings to intimate pop-up shows and live performances. There are also workshops in music, drumming, guitar, and chanting.

Outdoor Adventures
Each festival offers its own unique outdoor expeditions like a sunset/sunrise hike, or bird watching. Get ready for, white water rafting, a trail run, mountain biking, and rock climbing.

Food and Wine
You can find healthy fare throughout the festival. Whether you are grabbing a quick bite at the Food Co-op, or enjoying a local fine dining, you can be assured that it’s organic. Check out Kula Market for your favorite brands of organic food. Try the Farm To Table Dinner and savor the delicious local flavors. Enjoy the wine and beer samplings at Winederlust.

Speakeasy Lectures
These are unique lecture series about mindful living – everyone can speak easily. These are not really boring lectures, but conversations that are set in an intimate environment where you can get up close with some of the most inspiring and insightful line up of speakers at Wanderlust. This includes prominent yoga teachers, musicians, authors, filmmakers, business leaders and philosophers.

Kids Programs, Workshops and Healing Services
Wanderlust is for people of all ages. You can look forward to a relaxing time in spa, and other healing services. There are also workshops for dance, photography, and music.

With Wanderlust rapidly gaining popularity, you have to plan your festival ahead. Tickets are sold like a choose-your-own-adventure purchase. You can go for the complete experience, picking from among 3 scheduled activities per day – like yoga, Speakeasy Lecture, and meditation, and enjoy all access to the concerts. Or you can choose the music-only tickets.

When it comes to sleeping arrangements, you have plenty of options. You can stay at a hotel, rent a private home, or a full-service campground.

If the concept of the Wanderlust Festival is new to you, it is easy to get excited and to sign up for every class that you are interested in. If you are new to yoga or not the outdoorsy type, but are just looking for an out-of-the-ordinary experience, pace yourself. Physical classes can leave you sore and uncomfortable, or worse you can wind up with a strain or injury.

When choosing your classes, pick two physical classes a day and space them out. You can take one in the morning and one in the afternoon. There are lots of activities to break up your day, like biking or hiking. There are also lectures or you can opt to eat and shop. This is the exact place that opens a wider door for more exciting possibilities.

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