Dear Friends, dear Partners, dear VuuVers!

To all of you who took part in the VuuV 2014, be it as guests, artists, crew or helpers – it was a big challenge and a great blast and a very special and wonderful experience. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR VUUVING WITH US! ♥

Also, thank you to everybody who posted pictures, videos and comments and especially for all the constructive criticism and feedback of this year’s vuuv festival. While not everything worked quite as we had planned it, a lot did, and we are happy that most of you seem to have had a really good time. We will take some time now to review the festival, taking into account your criticism – the positive and of course especially the negative – and then start planning for next year:


Thanks again for your spirit, your vibe, your enthusiasm and your contribution to this year’s VuuV. We are already looking forward to doing it again – with you!

Keep VuuVing!

Your VuuV crew ♥

VuuV Festival 2015 Lineup

To be announced soon…

VuuV Festival 2015 Camping and info

The VuuV camping site is your home base for a long festival weekend. All facilities, like showers, port-a-loos and water supply are provided by our construction team and the local Fire Brigade at best.

You are allowed to park your vehicles – even big ones like busses or huge camping vans, right next to your tents.

As usual we will reserve a special, remote area, for families with children. If you come with infants please make sure that they wear ear protectors!
Bring deco material to individualize and spice up your camp to be part of this colorful, temporary global VuuV village.

Dear VuuV guests,
we would like to give you the opportunity to come to our festival site one day earlier! This will give you a great chance to create your own cosy camp site and to join in with the spirit and rebirth of VuuV!

– ARRIVAL: Tuesday 05. August 2014 > from 12:00 am
– DEPARTURE: Tuesday 12. August 2014 > until 4:00 pm


For security reasons and also with regard to their well-being, dogs will strictly be allowed only on the camping-site! If you must bring your dog, please make sure it is well cared for and looked-after, has a dry and safe place in the shade and enough fresh water to drink at all times. Dogs have to be kept on a leash!


If your wristband is ripped, you are obliged to buy a new one. Please take good care to keep it intact!


There will be a rich variety of vegetarian and vegan food offered in the market area. Enjoy!


There will be a reduction of 50% of the ticket fee for guests with disabilities. Please remember to bring your disability pass!


Festival visitors under the age of 18 will only be allowed on the site if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


There will be a festival job center on site for volunteers. If you are interested in working on the festival to get a refund for your ticket fee, please note that you will have to pay your ticket upfront.
vuuv2014 location 01
⦿ Some general rules and info

The VuuV festival site is a natural space that we want to preserve, so please take some time to prepare for it. Mostly it’s those little things that make life so much easier, provided you have thought about them. Please do not just turn up without thinking about what equipment you will need. Since you will spend at least four days and nights out in nature, it is wise to bring the following items:
• tent and camping equipment
• sleeping bag and air-mattress
• torch
• rain coat / rubber boots
• sun protection
• enough clothes to change into
• portable ashtray
• filled water container
• first-aid kit
• insect repellent and insect bite treatment
• condoms
• prescription medication
• earplugs
• things to decorate your camp

Please leave all those unnecessary and irreplaceable valuables at home. You will not need them at the festival anyway. Take as little as possible with you so you are free for what is most important: party, dance and music! The less you take along, the less you have to take care of. Since we will spend a few days with thousands of people in nature, we all have to follow a few rules not to disturb the beautiful environment. Please treat the environment with respect and try to leave no traces behind.

• No open fires! No fireworks! Due to health and fire hazards, fireworks, open fires and barbecues on the campsite are strictly prohibited!
• For the same reason and also because the white filters don’t decompose, please take care of your cigarette butts! It would be best if you collected them in a portable ashtray, for example in an empty film container.
• At the entrance you will be provided with a garbage bag for your trash, as well as a garbage deposit coin. When you leave the location the deposit will be refunded in exchange for a filled garbage bag and the deposit coin.
• Please leave your pets at home. Their ears are so much more sensitive than ours and not attuned to loud music. If you have to bring you pet dog along, make sure you keep it on a leash at all times and always provide enough fresh drinking water and a quiet place in the shade. We need to protect the wild life in the nearby forests.
• Once you have arrived and set up your camp, take some time to introduce yourself to your neighbours. You will spend some time with them, so create a small network and form communities to make your camp pleasant and safe.
• If you encounter somebody at the festival who needs help, offer it!
• If you need professional support please contact either the Info Area, the First Aid or our Security.
• Our friendly but firm Security is always there to assist you.
Eco Management
Respect the nature! The garbage deposit system is designed to make us all more aware of our disposals and to keep the location clean during the whole festival period. We will of course still hire a team of people to collect garbage during and especially after the festival, but it still is everybody’s responsibility to keep the nature intact. It is essential for us to leave the place with no traces of the festival. We try to have no impact on the place apart from good vibes. 

Therefore, please bring as little packaging material etc. as possible to minimize the amount of trash we have to take care of. Portable ashtrays and biodegradable dishes are a must if you want to go green. We will recycle all garbage, glass, plastic, paper and organic waste after the festival. And remember: Simply do not drop anything on the floor, whatever you need to get rid off needs to go into a trash bag!

VuuV Festival 2015 Tickets

► VuuV Festival 2015 | HARD TICKETS | 60,- € + 5,- € (waste deposit) | -limited ◄

CHILLHOUSE, Boxhagener Str. 86, 10245 Berlin
Tel.: +49-(0)30-21238800
Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Sa: 12.30-20.30Uhr

OM SHANKARI, Hahnenkamp 12, 22765 Hamburg
Tel.: +49-(0)40-39 03 847
Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Fr: 11-19Uhr, Sa: 12-18Uhr

CHILLHOUSE, Brückenstrasse 8, 09111 Chemnitz
Tel.: +49-(0)371-3 67 68 22
Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Fr: 12.30-19.30Uhr, Sa:12-17Uhr

CHILLHOUSE, Alaunstraße 56, 01099 Dresden
Tel.: +49-(0)351-8 95 10 77
Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Fr: 11-21Uhr, Sa:12.30-17.30Uhr

CHILLHOUSE, Juri-Gagarin-Ring 96-98, 99084 Erfurt
Tel.: +49-(0)361-6 54 76 47
Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Fr:10-20Uhr, Sa:12-18Uhr

CHILLHOUSE, Heinrichstraße 78, 07545 Gera
Tel.: +49-(0)365-5 52 09 96
Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Fr:11-19Uhr, Sa:11-16Uhr

CHILLHOUSE, Löbdergraben 9, 07743 Jena
Tel.: +49-(0)3641-30 94 30
Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Fr:11-19Uhr, Sa:12.30-17.30Uhr

CHILLHOUSE, Brühl 10-12, 04109 Leipzig
Tel.: +49-(0)341-2 68 99 20
Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Fr:11-19Uhr, Sa:11-18Uhr

CHILLHOUSE, Bornaische Straße 3b, 04277 Leipzig
Tel.: +49-(0)341-3 08 23 976
Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Sa:11.30-19.30Uhr

CHILLHOUSE, Peter-Breuer-Straße 29, 08056 Zwickau
Tel.: +49-(0)375-2 04 85 64
Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Fr:11-19Uhr, Sa:11-17Uhr

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