The Tribeadelic Festival began in 1996 and has been growing ever since the past 18 years into one of Australia’s biggest and best-known psychedelic labels that releases top music and parties. During its humble beginning, the secret gatherings were mostly taken place in small houses on little known streets, but after receiving much success. Label Manager, Ozzy had begun looking for much better and bigger venues to host the event as more people began to show up.

Soon enough, the mystery gathering became history that turned Tribeadelic into a great Australian bush, with thousands of people attending and partying together.

Being the producer, a deck wizard and sonic sorcerer, Ozzy founded Australia’s main psy-trance record label, Tribeadelic Records.

Taking place on New Year’s Eve, everyone gathers to laugh, love, and dance to celebrate the new year while welcoming new people to join in on the fun for three days of nonstop party, creating an unforgettable festival experience for everyone through merging art, culture, life, love, and music to bring everyone together.
Giving total satisfaction through great choices of fresh and new music created by international and local producers, and DJ’s Tribeadelic has picked. Showcasing different varieties of art, installations, projections of light and laser shows prepared to dazzle everyone.

This is where everyone can camp around for three days while enjoying the finest music under the starry night sky of Australia while celebrating with friends and having a good time as you let your senses jive along with the music.

This kind of event is best experienced with family and friends, who want to camp around under the stars while enjoying the vibration of the music as it fills your body, heart, and mind with the electric sensation of the genuine art installations that easily catches the eyes as it glows during the night.

Different activities can also be done during the gathering such as having a jamming session to enjoy camping out, showcasing your own art installation, you may also enjoy watching the sunrise through the horizon, or other various activities. There are a lot of good things that can be enjoyed and shared with other people attending the festival.

Allowing yourself to experience music with nature as you dance and get lost into a kaleidoscope of colors while letting loose of your inhibitions. Camping under the starry night sky of Australia for three days with the people you love as you welcome the New Year together.

This event has been bringing people together not just from Australia but also people all over the world who want to experience and enjoy psytrance music from this event, it also allows you to meet new people that enjoy the same type of music as you do.

Tribeadelic festival is much cozier and intimate type of gathering as it allows you to feel the music and see them through the use of lights and laser shows. Art also plays a huge part in celebrating this festival as it helps you appreciate music and nature together allowing your mind and body to relax and be inline together once again, as the event coordinators provide the festival various elements of environmental art installations as their visual focus for the festival, giving lights and colors as the event continues.

Having the festival on an open area, the event coordinators have provided clean toilets and showers, and fresh drinking water for the entire duration of the event. A designated location for camping, parking area and the main event area shall be well observed in order to prevent any problems with crowd control. Various food stalls are also available around the area. Bringing your own food and refreshments are also highly advised.

The main idea of this festival is to bring people together as they welcome a new chapter of their life with a fresh start through the electric music that puts the mind and body at ease through dancing to build up positive energy from the hypnotic psy-trance music.

People who will be attending the festival should be cautious of the temperature and the weather as it could change drastically.

The tickets will be available for early birds, regular pre-sale, and door price. The set line up will also be available on their website.

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