Transylvania Calling 2014

The Gathering of the Tribes!

The Transylvania Calling Festival is one of Romania’s biggest outdoor music and art events. The first gathering was at 2004 and the event is only growing bigger since then.
This year TC will be running for 7 days in the august full moon, containing around 2,000 beautiful people from all over the globe with its unique blend of many electronic music genres.
The festival is about connecting and uniting people from all kinds of lifestyles and being a safe place to disconnect from you’re normal life and pressure of our world for a whole week.
The event will take place in the beautiful nature of Cheisoara located near Rasnov and not far from Bucharest, on a mountain 800m high with beautiful woods and even a small water stream running near. The woods and the astonishing view from the mountain plus the remarkable decorations will offer the perfect place to trip into our own minds!

Transylvania Calling 2014 tickets

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Transylvania Calling 2014 Djs and Line Up

The last edition of TC 2012 offered mainly Goa trance music, bringing big artists like Goasia and Shiva. This edition of Transylvania calling will have 2 stages, chill out stage and main stage, offering both live sets and DJ sets, while some artists will play in both formats.

Offering a big variety of psychedelic electronic music genres like- progressive trance, full on, Goa trance, downbeat, tribal dance and more! So that everyone will have some of their favorite music to dance with and the opportunity to taste from other artists and genres more or less similar to they’re favorites. One of the most eminent live acts will be played by DJ Tristan coming from the UK! Tristan has been spreading his art for nearly 20 years and should need no introduction. Some even say he is one of the greatest Trance DJ’s of all time. He was the main DJ at Twisted Records for 10 years and is now the head of the Nano Records.

Another set worthy to wait for is by Psykovsky, a Psytrance producer from Russia. Psykovsky started making music by the age of 12! After a short solo career, in 2005 Psykovsky appeared on Vertigo Records with an incredible first album. Some more Dj’s which were already announced for this year are: Braincell (Boom! Records) – with a Live Act from Switzerland.
Koxbox (Twisted Records / Solstice Records) – with a mind blowing Psy-Goa live set!

And by the Chill out stage we can find interesting artist’s like: Logical Elements- That will serve us a special fusion of many styles and rhythms. “His music is extremely peaceful, introspective, lovely and floating, composed by melodic strings and good harmonics to introduce the listener to high trips into another dimension.” (Quote from the TC website).  The festival also offers some awesome workshops like the magic Insight Inner Beauty Parlour – there you will be awaken to your inner beauty and get fine-tuned to a higher level of awareness).

Another workshop is the active dreaming workshop (teaching ways of bringing energy and guidance from the dream world into everyday life), a Holotropic Breath work workshop and more to be announced!
In order to maximize our psychedelic experience the decoration art and visuals will be made by El Geko (boom festival!), Imix Jaguar, Fullkolor and more…
The environment is important to all of us and especially to our friends from Transylvania so when you enter the site you get a plastic bag and a cigarette-butt.
Everyone deposit around 5 Euros which you will get back only after handing a plastic bag full of waste!

Let’s keep our nature clean and beautiful like we didn’t dance on that land for 7 crazy days! Only that way we will be able to keep on partying in a comfortable and nice nature !
Trance on people and maybe we will meet you on the dance floor (;

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