Indian spirit Festival 2013

Your feet are sinking more into the sand with every step you take. The Indian Ocean to your right turns purple by the last rays of a disappearing sun. From a distance you can hear the music, We Came In Peace by Dance 2 Trance is killing it. You open a small box and take out the ‘whatever the hell it is’ that you just bought from a complete stranger about an hour ago, right outside of your motel. This Goa night is all about living.
This essence of the legendary Indian Trance Parties, is what this is all about.
Take that and multiply it by 4 days and 4 nights, add craziness, love, amazing music and the craziest multicolored freaks from all over the world gathered together – and you get “Indian Spirits” – one of the best Trance Music Festivals out there.

Indian spirit Festival tickets

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Located in Heiligengrabe in Northern Germany, this early September festival is the grand finale for the open-air season in Europe. Grand finale? SUPER GRAND! As the first Psytrance festival in Germany, the music variety is nothing short of ridiculous: California Sunshine, 40%, Domestic, Star Sound Orchestra, Liquid Soul, Midimal, Emok, Gaudium, and Dj Feio are some of the top names that have graced Indian Spirits in the past. From Intoxicating Psychedelic to Full On sound, Energy- Loaded Dark or Streamlined Nu School Progressive and pure Goa Trance, No genre of Trance is sitting this one out.

Getting to the Festival is extremely easy, and can be done via public transportation from Berlin or Hamburg, or with a car. If you want to walk there that’s fine with us too, just make sure to you have enough power left to get down. Camping is free and so is drinking water (Please do not forget to drink water when using drugs, or just generally drink water it’s good for you).

In the Getting Down department, Indian Spirits features 3 stages: The Main Stage, The Chill Stage, and the Oh-No-They-Didn’t-YES-THEY-DID Dark stage (the place where dreams come true in a hideous disturbed psychedelic form). Performances vary between DJ sets and amazing live sets, while selected artists sometimes combine and mix the two. Some artists are featured twice in the lineup – once in a DJ form and again playing live music.
The dance floors are equipped with Funktion One Sound systems that will blow your ears out of their sockets and straight into your cortex with no filters. 3D animation will make your eyes bleed the rainbow, as a lot of consideration has been put into the lightings and the display by Cosmic Garden and Chill Bill. You may expect plenty of lasers, lights and colors which combine into an overall surreal experience.

Indian spirit Festival 2013 lineup and Djs

Let’s break the last couple of years (2012-2013) lineups down for you, so you can get the impression for yourself on the level of experience that awaits you over at Indian Spirits (In case you don’t know at least 3 of the following artists, DO NOT Google/Youtube it, just GTFO):

The 2012 lineup was absolutely insane, as we got to see performances by names such as: Avalon, Protonica, Tristan, Sonic Species, Ace Ventura, Fabio & Moon, Waio and Neelix.

Nobody thought it could get better, but check out the 2013 lineup with performances by:

– DJ Sets: Ananda Shake, Egorythmia, Neelix, Nok, Class A, Elecdruids, Avalon, Coming Soon, Protonica, Symphonix ,Tristan, U-Recken, Apophis, Dr. Oguh, Incantatur, Das Kraftfuttermischwerk, Audio Syndrom and Zosma.
– Live Sets: Ace Ventura, Chicago, Cubixx , Gandalf, Laughing Buddha, Aztec Dosage, Blind Fury, and Calyptratus, Sunfish, Kuba, and GMO vs. Dense.

Indian spirit Festival videos

Is there really a need to say anything more about this festival?
Not really, but we figured you would like a summary with some more technical details, so here it is:

Name: Indian Spirits
Location: Heiligengrabe , Germany
Genre: Psytrance, Trance
Type: Open Air Festival
Date & Time: Early September of each year
Stages: 3 – Main, Chill & Dark
Duration: 4 Days, 4 Nights
Getting to/from: Easy as puck
Free Camping (& free drinking water, seriously guys – drink water)
Ticket price: 55EU in Presale, 70EU in late Presale, 80EU at the gate. There is a 5EU deposit at the gate that may be returned to clean campers who gather their own trash. Dirty campers get nothing. Ever! Be clean!
Recommended Drugs: Acid, Ecstasy
Don’t forget: Sun-screen, Towel, To take your shirt off at least once boys and girls.
Festival Ranking: 4.5 Drops of pure liquid.

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