Titans – The Future Of Everything new EP

Titans is a high spirited and full on energy project formed by Konstantinos Denegris and Lykourgos Loukaides from Greece / Cyprus. This promising duo has already caught our attention with “Eternal Vibrations”. The Titans duo combine classic full power psytrance with clear influences from the modern progressive sound, creating a balanced yet expolosive fusion of the past and the future. Massive kicks and ground shaking bass lines embedded with trippy melodies, deep spaced atmospheres, twisted sound effects and epic cinematic drums.

Listen to Titans – Cytron from “The Future Of Everything” new EP:


Titans have just released their new EP “The Future of Everything” on Pi Music Group. Two massive tracks, with “Cytron” being described as “an Ancient Titan Tron full of psychedelic fuel, driving your feelings to the forgotten worlds and beyond! With epic retro melodies, supreme bass lines, transforming effects and groovy arpeggiators fused up with electromagnetic energy”.

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The second track on the EP is “Lucid Mind”, our personal favourite of the two, described as “a serious psychedelic journey through the perception of the future mind. Crafted with massive kick, huge bass line, twisted acid arpeggiators, incredible arcade spacey atmospheres and sweeps”.

Listen to Titans – Lucid Mind from “The Future Of Everything” new EP:

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More Titans here: https://www.facebook.com/TitansMusic/


The Future Of Everything

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