Tribeadelic Festival


The Tribeadelic Festival began in 1996 and has been growing ever since the past 18 years into one of Australia’s biggest and best-known psychedelic labels that releases top music and […]

Somuna Festival

somuna festival

The Somuna Festival is a four-day event that has first taken place back in 2008, in Marbach, Switzerland where everything took place in an open area where everyone can camp […]

The Vortex Festival


The Vortex Festival is an outdoor psychedelic music festival that takes place twice a year, once in December and the other one in April, where you get transported into a […]

Ultra Music Festival

ultra music festival

The Ultra Music Festival (UMF)is a three-day outdoor, electronic-music festival that happens every March in downtown Miami, Florida. Ultra is held jointly with Winter Music Conference(WMC)- an annual week-long electronic […]

Wanderlust Festival


The Wanderlust Festival is a summer festival that combines live music with yoga. It was first held in Squaw Valley in July 2009. The concept for Wanderlust started when Jeff […]

Indigo Festival Israel

indigo festival israel

The real world has become too pressing and tight that people want to look for ways on how to free themselves from the longing for enjoyment and excitement. This has […]

Universo Parallelo Brazil

Universo Parallelo Brazil

Universo Parallelo Brazil is one of the most celebrated music festivals in Brazil. It celebrates Electronic, Trance and Psychedelic music. Trance is one of its main themes with a line […]

Earthdance Festival

Earthdance Festival

Festivals are events that are staged by a particular community which are intended to celebrate some unique aspect of that specific community like its culture and traditions. Furthermore, Trance Festivals […]

Doof Festival 2015 Israel

Doof Festival 2015 Israel

Doof Festival 2015 Israel – 09-11.04.15 As the spring approaches, another lively event is long awaited by many. It is no other than the Doof Festival. This is a four- […]

Psy-Fi festival 2015 Netherlands

Psy-Fi festival 2015 Netherlands

The Dutch take on psy trance The void is a place in space and time where there is absolutely nothing but total darkness… Except for one thing, unlimited potential for […]