Do you see the world in different colors? Do you enjoy the ambiance of trance? Do you see yourself with thousands of others enjoying something spectacular that you never thought possible? The psychedelic Summer Opening Festival in the Haag in Austria may be the next stop for your calendar for next year.

With non-stop live and DJ trance music, the main floor indoor activities for this year included a warm up, followed by progressive and then full on, twisted and psychedelic while in the outdoor area the live beatbox made its presence known. The Psychedelic Summer Opening Festival – Austria should certainly be placed on your calendar as a chance to visit a beautiful country and experience the sights and sounds of trance at its best.

Visuals this year were provided by Devachan and HeliX, and fans were able to lose themselves in the land of face painting, with stunning fire spinning displays by Hans Von Glowfire. Chill out areas were fully chilled and a yoga area for yoga asanas was run by Daniel Psycohontes. Look at druid-wear and enjoy the variety of activities, crafts and shops available. The festival was held in June in 2014 and will follow suit in 2015, though the lineup for the Summer Opening Festival 2015 – Austria is a closely guarded secret for the moment.

The scene provides a backdrop to dreamland, a place where people discover themselves and their spiritual senses through music, light and relaxation. What better backdrop than Austria, where crystal clear blue waters run through the hills and valleys and the June climate offers great outdoor enjoyment and fun?

Summer Opening is all about passing from one season to another, and there isn’t a more exciting season for electronics and trance than the summer. Awaken the spirit and feel a sense of relief from the worries of the world. Embrace the music, absorb the light and enjoy your experience of the Summer Opening Festival 2015 – Austria as part of a European visit where culture isn’t as important as meeting those whose love of ambient music from all over the world.

Summer Opening Festival 2015 Line up

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Share the psychedelic experience with friends, and camp out under the moonlight in the land of apple strudel and the sounds which echo across the hills. Although the line-up isn’t yet known, what is known is the record of this festival to come up with the goods. That makes it a landmark worth remembering. If you bookmark this page and watch out for further news, you may just be on your way to Austria next year, to find yourself stepping away from the weight of the world, into a place made for dreaming.

The language spoken in Austria may not be your mother tongue, but don’t let that put you off. The music of trance and the psychedelic experience is without language barriers and people come from all over the world with enjoyment and awakening of the senses top on their agendas for the festival period. Mark it on your calendar and keep watching this page for news from Austria, who really do know what psychedelic experience is all about. In the meantime watch old festival clips on YouTube and this will persuade you to go!

Summer Opening Festival 2015 Tickets

All the info soon…

The Summer Opening Festival 2015 – Austria promises a host of color from artistic and light specialists as well as some of the best trance music on the scene. Both live performances and DJ performances will no doubt fill your world with psychedelic wonderment during the three days of the festival. By booking early, you assure yourself of great ticket savings and won’t find yourself too late to book a place when the festival begins.

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