Spirit Base Festival 2015


If you’ve never been to Spirit Base Festival at Rajka Island, you may not know what a rebirth it is. For the past three years, the location of this Festival is one that is stunningly beautiful and just on the border between Hungary and Austria. It’s the small island of Rajka where festival goers leave their problems on the island shore and enjoy four days of amazingly invigorating mental enjoyment and immersion.

This year was no exception to the rule with main stage events featuring such music as spin twist from Klopfgeister, tribal visions from Vibrasphere and Trippyhippies live performance. The second stage was hosted by Space Disco and Progressive Selections made for thorough enjoyment.

This is one festival you really shouldn’t miss on the 2015 trance scene as you haven’t experienced anything if you haven’t experienced Spirit Base. Spirit Base Festival lets you discover you without even trying. Each tent is shaded from the sun and while swimming in the Danube, away from all the heavy stuff the world throws at you, it’s amazingly enjoyable to simply immerse yourself in freeing up your spirit to enjoyment, meeting other kindred spirits in the meantime.

Visual mapping combines easily with LED design and decoration and this year, all enjoyed the artwork of Psypix,and Calquendi as well as others. With such wonderful expression and effects, the Spirit Base Festival organizers are going to be working hard behind the scenes to make sure that next July is equally as enjoyable and memorable. Watch the artwork in the sky and let the music take you to another dimension.

The line-up for next year will soon be released, though bookmark this page because it’s important. The Island is stunning and makes the perfect place to unwind and discover the magic inside simply by being there. It’s a spiritual trance event you will never forget making it one of the most important events in Europe next summer.

Spirit Base Festival 2015 Tickets

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The psychedelic experience of the festival is stunningly shown in the wonderful art displayed in such a great place. The island kind of makes visitors feel a sense of belonging that you can’t feel so easily away from the island experience. Trance DJs won’t disappoint and certainly will fill the festival with atmosphere worth grasping. Those that do come away with a warmth inside that is almost like a spiritual awakening. Spirit Base Festival 2015 – Hungary has perhaps earned its name as the whole basis of the festival is to let the spirit within run wild in anticipation while only being harnessed by wanting to take in the musical experience. That’s what trance is all about.

Spirit Base Festival 2015 Line up

All the info soon…

Take a trippy bus arranged by the organizers from Hegyeshalom following your arrival by train and do remember advance purchase of tickets works out cheaper than leaving it too late. Although the lineup for next year’s Spirit Base Festival 2015 – Hungary is not yet known, news will travel like wildfire once it is. Be sure to remember that this festival is a one of a kind festival of trance, relaxation, entertainment and gives you the ability to discover so much about yourself and those around you.

Awakening in the morning next to the Danube, prepare for another day of getting up close and personal with nature, sights and sounds as the festival leads its way up to the final day with a wonderful feeling of oneness with people you never met before. These kindred spirits will seek you out without even attempting to. The joy of the festival is that everyone is looking for different things, but each finds it within themselves and is ready to share with other fun fans.


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