The Somuna Festival is a four-day event that has first taken place back in 2008, in Marbach, Switzerland where everything took place in an open area where everyone can camp around. This event allows everybody to experience life, music, and nature at their best through the activities that they offer.

It has greatly made use of nature’s beauty itself to bring the festival to life, along with a minimal incorporation of natural materials in order to preserve the exquisite beauty that nature has to offer.
Considering that the event is a family-friendly festival, the event coordinators have assured everyone that they will provide shelter from the rain, free drinking water, clean toilets and showers with lights all throughout the event, and a designated camping area. There will also be vegetarian food stalls stationed in different areas of the venue, and a small free breakfast for everyone in the morning.

One of the key elements for this festival is the music that was carefully picked by the event coordinators to make sure that everyone will get to enjoy the event and music altogether as it will give inspiration to the mind, touch the heart, and set the body at ease.

They have carefully integrated psychedelic music with a powerful musicality, a creative and personal expression, and a sense of authenticity for music, from the artists they picked in order to bring out innovative music through various psychedelic music styles during the live concerts.

Making sure to provide great music to everyone, the event coordinators will provide high quality sound system with modern technology to give and preserve the quality of music that everyone will enjoy, while having a new perception on sound system.

During the second and fourth day of the festival, mainly psychedelic and electronic music will be played. While for the first and third day of the festival, acoustic bands and music will play a huge part as well. There will also be a music break during the evening in order for the night to breathe.

There will be a workshop area, where they offer different activities that anyone can participate in such as Dancing, Drums, Painting, Tai Chi, Yoga, and so much more. You may also provide a different workshop yourself but make sure to contact the event coordinators through their website beforehand.

They also provide a creative area designated to bring out the creativity within you by painting on paper, spread sheets and body painting to allow you to personally express yourself, and discover joy through designing and creative energy by releasing them through art. The main idea for this is to allow the guests to produce art themselves and to experience life through art.

A music festival will not be complete without a jam area, where everyone is advised to bring their drums, flutes, guitars, and other instruments to join the jamming session. Every activity offered all throughout the festival is free of charge.

Experiencing such rapid growth of festival attendees since 2008, the event coordinators have no choice but to provide tickets in order to limit the attendees due to limited space available around the area to accommodate people who will attend the festival. This is to avoid overcrowding and sending people off with nowhere to go; they decided to solve this problem by having the tickets available through presale only.

In order to have a wonderful and peaceful event, a couple of guidelines need to be observed all throughout the festival: Dispose your trash at the designated waste disposal as much as possible, cars must only be parked at the designated parking area, due to wild life protection it is forbidden to enter the forest, the use of fire must only be done in given fireplaces, use the marked ways provided to move between the festival areas, children must have ear-protection before bringing them to the dance floor, misbehaved dogs that might cause problems will have to leave with their owners, and drugs are strictly prohibited.

The vision for this event is to see the crowd dancing along to the music with a smile on their lips as they follow the sound of music with their bodies spinning over the dance floor, cheering and experiencing joy.

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