A sonic journey from the deep night time adventures to the magic of dawn. Mystical psychedelic soundscapes stories , with a driving pulsating divine momentum.

Radzy is a Psychedelic Trance Artiste & Promoter from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is the co-founder and organizer of Epic Tribe, Malaysia’s psychedelic trance collective family that has been promoting and hosting psychedelic trance culture music & arts in Kuala Lumpur since early 2007. Radzy is the co-organizer and co founder of Belantara Gathering, Malaysia”s annual international psychedelic culture, music & arts festival.

As a DJ , Radzy has played extensively in many gatherings & festivals around the globe, in Japan , China , Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Goa , Germany , Italy , Spain , Netherlands , Hungary & all over Europe.

Radzy has been described to have a versatile day or night time style with always a full dose of crystal clean psychedelic sound in his mix, but always keeping it original with a truly Malaysian style.
YZDAR is a project by RADZY , venturing in the realms of producing weird psychedelic harmonies , with atmospheric layers & deep sounds , so the sonic adventures continues!

Psytrance set by Dj Radzy


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