There are different kinds of meaning once you define the word Psytrance. It’s a kind of music and short term for the “Psy” which means mind, soul, breath and spirit and its form by electronic music which characterized by different kinds and arrangements of rhythms to create high tempo.

Psytrance music was originated develop out of the early of 1990’s by the influence of the different artist such as Timeshard and Eat Static. It was a kind of music which are remix, removing the melodies and beat of the music was edited on how people can appreciate it when it was done.

It has own uniqueness, because it’s a kind of music has a faster speed of beats which is generally between 140 and 150BPM. Psytrance uses by typical amount or resound of bass beat that equally appropriate through the song and adding by varying kinds of rhythms and beats using drums or different kinds of instrument and every tracks of this kind of music tend to be 6-10 minutes long which are belong to the kind of party music.

In the year 1996 the music has changed and the term of Psytrance was not anymore suitable to use and it was change to refer to this new style of music. The kinds of beats and rhythms of Psytrance were stripped away and change by a darker and more reparative form of music which more lively in every rhythms of the beats and more interesting to heard by the people.

PsyTrance sets

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