Panayota is bodi sarfati born in israel in 1978
Kiriat Gat (south Israel)
In 1996 bodI was first introduced to the world of trance.

In 2000 panayota started to play as a dj In small parties and nature parties all over Israel In the start of his way panayota style was very influenced by Fool on & melody sound’s.

In time panayota music include also psy trance,south Africa style, high tech psychedelic .

in 2007 Panayota gain his reputation by creating a magical environment Combined with kiCk ass psychedelic trance sound’s and earthquake vibes and started touring around the world.

In may 2010 panayota released his first album: “The Trouble Maker” for Metatrone Production, from israel and made over a dozen international releases Ep‫’‬s work with labels around the world…

Since then panayota is booked to play in some of the biggest party’s and festivals And working with some of the important production in Israel and around the world.

Panayota is also working these days to create a new kind of sound in the trance industry…

Panayota also working on a new PSY project “Chimera” With Adir Anxiety, Together they create music and combine several different styles Dark pay, very special !

Panayota finished working on a new EP with dark nebula and new album Panayota – ButterFly Effect… and many more releases tracks on 2014 !!

Since the beginning of 2014 Panayota working and create new sound‫’‬s that Unique only to him Panayota Style …stay tuned.


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