Fellow goanauts, festivalgoers, partyfreaks—dear Ozorians!

Let us present the artists of O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2015!
Read on to find out about some exciting changes for the upcoming year.

Next summer the gates open on Saturday 10am (August 3-9, 2015) yet again, but the official programs will start a day earlier, on Monday instead of Tuesday. This makes the festival, for the first time ever, truly a whole week long!

As every year the before-party kicks off on Saturday afternoon at PUMPUI, but that’s not all the fun for the gate-opening day. There’s another huge surprise in store for you! After much anticipation, goa trance legend GOA GIL is blasting us off into the week-long festivities with one of his famed 24-long sets starting at 9pm in the Chill Dome on August 1, 2015. And as a special prelude, his long-time partner in life and music, Ariane will be preparing us for the first night ahead with her solo project, NIMBA at sunset.

There’ll be no surprises in ticket prices though (no changes there), which will be available from 6th December on the brand-new O.Z.O.R.A. Festival official website (coming soon!), hadra.net, All Access Areas pages and some new places listed shortly.

Ozora Festival 2015 Lineup

::::: Main Stage :::::

Ajja (CH)
Aphid Moon (UK)
Astrix (IL)
Atriohm (MK)
Aurafood (HU)
Avalon (UK)
Back to Mars (BR/NL)
Black Noise (GR)
Burn in Noise (BR)
Critical Choice (SW/DK)
Daksinamurti (DE)
Dark Whisper (DE)
Dickster (UK)
Dj Doc (GR)
Dr Space (HU)
Drumatik (CH)
Dust (IT)
Earthling (ES)
Eat Static (UK)
Electric Universe (DE)
Emok (DK)
Fagin’s Reject (UK)
Future Frequency (UK)
Gaudium (SW)
Giuseppe parvati-records (IT)
Jonas Goa (DE)
Goatika Creative Lab (IN/RU/UK/BG)
Görgő (HU)
Hallucinogen (UK)
Hatta G Hopper (JP)
Hilight Tribe (FR)
HypoGeo [Zenon Rec.]] (IT)
Jazzmine & Luca (IT)
Janux (IN)
Juno-Reactor (UK)
Justin Chaos (AR)
kashyyyk (MX)
KinDzaDza (RU)
Korai Transmission (HU)
Kox Box (DK)
Laughing Buddha (UK)
Liftshift (NL)
Loud Band (IL)
DJ Lucas (UK)
Martian Arts (GR)
MerKaBa (AU)
Mirok (JP)
Nigel (UK)
Obliviant (NL)
Outsiders (IL)
Para Halu (HU)
Penta (RU)
Perfect Ace (IL)
Prometheus (UK)
Psybaba Allstars (HU)
Psysex (IL)
Raja Ram vs Chicago (UK)
Regan (SA)
Rowan (UK)
Shpongle Live in Concert (UK)
Son Kite (SW)
Sonic Species (UK)
Spectra Sonics (JP)
Star Sounds Orchestra (DE)
System 7 (UK)
Thatha (BR)
Ticon (SW)
DJ Tristan (UK)
DJ Tsubi (HU)
Tweakers (FR)
Via Axis (BR)
X-Dream (DE)
Yudhisthira (MK)
Yury & Ad-M (HU)

::::: Chill Out Dome :::::

Ajja Vs Tanina (CH)
Antonio Ruscito (IT)
Atati (UA)
Bayawaka (IL)
Benji Vaughan (UK)
Beta (HU)
Bwoy De Bhajan (DK)
Clairvo (HU)
Desert Dwellers (US)
Eat Static (UK)
Gabriel Le Mar (DE)
Gaudi (UK)
Gus Till (AU)
Hallucinogen in Dub (UK)
Isu (HU)
Josko (IT)
Kalumet (HU)
Kalya Scintilla (AU)
Mango aka Modul (HU)
Master Margherita (CH)
Mathew Jonson vs. Mininogue live (DE/SW)
Phonycat (DK)
Mental (IT)
Mirror System (UK)
Mutantra (UK)
Naga (HU)
Nova (IT)
Nuno Deconto (BR)
Pink Floyd in dub by Youth (UK)
Saafi Brothers (DE)
Sebastian Mullaert & Eitan Reiter (SW/IL)
Youth (UK)

::: Dragon Nest :::::

Anna RF (IL)
Bodoo (HU)
Celtic Vedic by Youth (UK)
Dorombal (HU)
Dubblestandart (AT)
Dubtazer (IL)
Eat Heathens – Eat Static live jam session – (UK)
Feindrehstar (DE)
Félix Lajkó (HU)
Grabanc (HU)
Hang In Balance (UK)
Killing Joke: In Dub ft. Youth & Alex Paterson (UK)
Matsumoto Zoku (JP)
Olive Tree Dance (PT)
Ott & The All-Seeing I (UK)
Sardinelli (HU)
Stas (HU)
Thaalavattam (IN)
Trottel Stereodream Experience (HU)
Zion Train (UK)

:::::: Pumpui ::::::

Adam & Yury (HU)
Almond Lama (HU)
Andras Toth (HU)
Animesh (IND)
Anonim Flow (HU)
Bernathy Zsiga (HU)
Botond (HU)
D-Nox & Beckers (DE)
Dominic Thomas (CH)
Format C (HU)
Fraser (HU)
Fungus (HU)
Garfield (HU)
Geisha (HU)
Gorgo (HU)
Henzi (HU)
Hruscsov (HU)
Katamii (HU)
Krammer (HU)
Kroko (HU)
Lank (HU)
Makusu & Mélange Orange (DE)
Massive Moloko aka Savage (HU)
Miso (HU)
Monga (HU)
Monolit (HU)
Nanoplex (UK)
Nasca (HU)
Nobody Home aka Marcus Henriksson (SW)
Nton (HU)
Nuon (HU)
Parallel Dialog (HU)
Petrovszky (HU)
Piotr & Gerő (HU)
Polarize (HU)
Psyletzky (HU)
Reti (HU)
Rocha (HU)
Rook (SLO)
Rooka (HU)
Szamy (HU)
Szundi & Tattoo (HU)
Taku (JP)
Transabi (HU)
Tsubi (HU)
Vodi (HU)
Yuli Fershtat (Perfect Stranger techno set) (IL)
Zegotha (HU)

Ozora is a village in Tolna County, Hungary. It got its name from Pipo of Ozora who built a castle there during the middle ages. Arthur Gorgei also won an important victory at the Battle of Ozora during the Revolution in 1848.

2004 marked another milestone for this Hungarian village when it hosted the first Ozora Festival. Ozora Festival is a psychedelic tribal or trance festival and gathering held in that estate. It is said to have originated during the Solar eclipse of August 11, 1999 when the festival called Solipse was held. It is during that time when the moon blocked the sun for a few minutes. An estimate crowd of 20,000 converge to celebrate the said eclipse with good music and good crowd. This is the reason why the festival is held early August.

Trance music is genre that has its origin in Germany in the 1990s. The characteristic of trance music is the tempo that ranges from 125 to 160 beats per minute and has repetitive melodies. Trance is a word that describes a state of hypnotism and is also one of the general feel of trance music. There is that beat that draws you into the music. From its birth, there has been different subgenres of trance such as anthem trance, euphoric trance, and stadium trance to name a few. This particular genre is what the public should expect during the Ozara Festival.

There is a general feel good vibe associated with the festival where there is a steady supply of trance and tribal beats. The crowd usually camps out on the vicinity except during 2007 when there was a flood in that area. There are also communal eating areas and showers.

Ozora Festival 2015 Tickets

Phase 1: € 80 (+ service charge) – (limited)
phase 2: € 110 (+ service charge) – ’til 15th July,
phase 3: € 130 – at the gate,
weekend ticket: € 110 – at the gate.

The 2014 Festival marked a greener approach through installing 400 eco-friendly toilets in the area. While trance and tribal music is the major crowd drawer, there is more to the Ozora Festival that meets the eye. There are houses to accommodate different interests of the mind, soul and spirit. There is a house for spiritual and intellectual talk, a house for art catering to several workshops in glass blowing, textile, ceramics and body painting. There is also an art gallery that houses paintings and sculpture of famous contemporary artists. Performers such as Zero1Music’s Justin Chaos, Lorraine and the Toxic and Fagin’s Reject graced the event. With performers like these, one would wonder what is in store for 2015?

Some described the said festival as ‘the mother’ because of the cultivating, friendly and encouraging environment that can make one feel as if he or she belongs to a family. The scenery is a site to behold. The romantic sunset and the rustic meadow just add up to the general vibe of the free-spirit feel of the trances music.

There are several gateways leading to Ozora. You can pass through Vienna, use the railway system in Budapest or shuttles from Italy. There are a lot of reputable hotels in the area. Transportation will not be a problem since there are a lot of car rental establishments in the area as well.

Hungary, specifically Budapest hosts several festivals all throughout the year. The main festivals are the New Year Celebration, Carnival Season, which start on Epiphany and end every Ash Wednesday, and Fat Thursday, the Thursday after Ash Wednesday, which the last gastronomical feast before the start of fasting. They also have the Budapest International Circus Festival which boast world class performers from around the world. History tells us that Hungary has always been a country of rich culture and tradition. Music and arts are one of the integral parts that until now play a very important role in the celebration of Hungary as a country. The Ozora Festival just adds more flavor to the already colorful festivals being celebrated in this European country.

More than anything else, the Ozora Festival is a celebration of the free-spirit of this culturally rich and diverse country. Although largely dominated by Christianity, it has open its doors to gatherings such as this one. Although the festival was born out of a solar eclipse, people from different culture, nations and traditions need not wait for another solar eclipse before encountering another awesome eclectic experience. This great vibe is now made obtainable through the amazing Ozora festival.

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