Live PsyChill by PJ Wassermann

PsyChill music is probably one of the most mind expanding genres out there, when it comes to the global PsyTrance scene. Since the beginning of 2000, PsyChill artists have been creating this type of music and the genre is now quickly making its way to the top. In fact, according to the big demand for it, a lot of Festival promoters like to add the chill-out stage to their musical concept.

With over 20 years of experience in creating music with a wide variety of Psychedelic sounds, PJ Wassermann offers an intelligent and mind altering experience for the listener/dancer! With a deep understanding for psychedelic music (drawn from Jimmy Hendrix to Pink Floyd to today’s DJs), PJ strives to (and exceeds in) expressing these amazing concepts through his music.

We’re not even sure if music is the correct word for it; his live shows are a combination of music (guitar, drums, DJ equipment) and performance artists who physically tell the story of the music with their art.

It’s like a cosmic trip that touches all of your senses and makes you completely fall in love with his psychedelic story. We did 🙂

PJ’s show is available in different formations:
•  Guitar and singing to his own backing tracks.
•  PJ Wassermann & VJ Asteriza (VJ Asteriza, very poetic and trippy projections).
•  With additional drummer/percussionist.
• “Chilly Trippy Dippy” – The large formation that includes dancers and performers.

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PJ Wassermann’s music

PJ Wassermann LIVE

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