The real world has become too pressing and tight that people want to look for ways on how to free themselves from the longing for enjoyment and excitement. This has been the roots of the births of great parties and celebrations like The Indigo Festival. It is mainly a gathering of the passionate and free spirits that want to explore further the possibilities of a fun-filled life. In this festival, there will be a rebirth of a whole new reality where nothing is impossible and the whole universe will walk as one.

The Indigo festival was built in the year 2009 when a cheerful group of desert travelers came to gather and unite in the name of genuine freedom. The main aim of the establishment of this festivity was to give people the things required to learn various ways of life and to enable respect among one another. The Indigo Festival Israel has undeniably become one of the prime global musical and psychedelic festivals celebrated in Israel. This event has placed itself into the world cultural map that gives every individual a soothing and diverse experience.

This festival is enjoyed for 3 exciting days. Each festive day of this gathering will form the unity and heighten the psychedelics and culture of everyone. There will be live acts, live shows, DJs coming from all over the globe and many more surprises.

This event is made complete by a lot more features like its complete camping infrastructure, flea market, chill out, and children zone. The Camping sites of Indigo has a big area for camps and this will already be covered by the ticket price. The area will enable you to get intimate with nature and feel the breeze of the Indigo atmosphere. The Indigo’s market flea has everything that shopaholics need. Every item that is worth splurging money for is in here. You can grab some purchase of authentic clothing, hand-made crafts, and many more. You can also see chai chops, bars, and different food booths. You need not to worry about your kids anymore because there are children zones wherein your children can be securely accommodated. They will not be left out because this children zone will surely be much more enthralling for your kiddies. Different games and activities are prepared that your children will surely enjoy. There is no reason anymore to miss this great event.

As the summer in Israel heat up further, the season for an outdoor musical festival is on track. This is definitely worth your time, effort, and money. You don’t have to make budget an issue since it’s relatively inexpensive to avail the tickets for the event. Besides, the great experiences that you can get out from it will surely be priceless.

Every year, the organizers make certain that there will be new surprise coming for every excited guest and attendee. The Indigo Festival is particularly made for music and psychedelic lovers whether Israelis or foreigners. Everybody comes together in having a great time with the height of cozy music and interesting surprises. The festival invites numerous stars and famous names in the Israeli psychedelic, music, and trance. In its 5th year after its foundation, Indigo vows to make every celebration bolder, stronger, and better than before.

A wide array of musical genres is incorporated to make the celebration much more jovial. Both live bands and electronic music are played to entertain all people. There is also an alternative stage that plays the dub, world music, reggae, ethnic, chill out, Balkan, acoustic, and Gypsy & Workshops. Stay tuned with latest updates about the new activities and schedules for the upcoming events.
Upon attending the Indigo Festival, there are certain things that should be taken into careful consideration. There are certain prohibited items that should not be brought. These prohibited items include glass bottles, metal knife, weapons, gas camping burner, drugs and many more that trigger harm and chaos. The festival is meant to be organized for pure and fun and happiness and the organizers want nothing else but to bring safety and satisfaction to everyone who attends.

Come and join the Indigo festival Israel. Take a heavenly breather and give yourself a break. The best way of treating yourself is by joining the fun and excitement shared by all people in the world here in the Indigo Festival.

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