With trance music at its best, don’t forget that the Hai in den Mai festival 2015 – Denmark won’t be a disappointment judging by past events. High on a green hill overlooking countryside and nature, visitors will enjoy the delight of sights and sounds of trance in an ambiance which is filled with the best type of music to bring out the imagination.

The event will be a big event as always, and guests will delight at the wonderful atmosphere and great chance to switch off from the world of stress that is so prevalent today. The unique sounds and sights provided by this festival promise to live up to expectations in May 2015.

Expect to get together with people of like minds and forget the barriers that life puts between ages and classes. At the festival, everyone mingles to the sound of trance and somehow find that music lies at the very soul of human nature. Relax with the music, create great bubbles and learn to see the colors of the world reflected in them as they hit the sky. The theme of the festival will always be peace and brotherhood, happiness and satisfaction and taking time out to just be at one with life.

If past festivals are anything to go by, the 2014 festival offered a wonderful display of lights by night and peace and harmony by day, with campers experiencing the power of trance music at its best.

Hai in den Mai festival – Denmark lineup for 2015 may not have been announced yet, although past record shows that the experience of those who mingled together in the trance music experience really did embrace a festival to remember and to keep in their diaries for next year.

This is one of Denmark’s most renowned festivals of trance music and those wishing to participate really should make sure to book early. The trance festival is the epitome of what trance is all about.

Fans hungry for their share of trance will no doubt find that hunger fully fed with next year’s offering and should start thinking about festival camping and fun. The enlightened, who have seen the festival’s light show and shared the experience of music at Hai in den Mai festival – Denmark will no doubt return in great numbers, with new faces among the crowds next year. If you are one of the new faces, this is one of the big events to be held in Denmark and offer you time out from your busy schedule just to listen, to watch and be entranced by the whole event. Keep your eye on the news and be ready to take the journey of your life into a world where there is no room for worry. Make lasting friendships and enjoy the entertainment, looking out for the line-up to be displayed as soon as we get the news.

The month of May comes to life in a big way, as the Springtime trees begin to bud and flowers show up in the meadows. What better way to celebrate the rites of spring than to be out there in the fields with friends, basking in music, light and entertainment that makes up the Hai in den Mai festival – Denmark, which has become one of the biggest events on the agenda of trance fans for a very long time.

You will experience something very special indeed and will be moved by the power of trance in a way you never knew possible. Bring bubbles and lots of them. Forget about alcohol as you will need all of your senses alive and kicking to enjoy the music to its fullest.

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