“1st of November is All Saints in Belgium, the day we go to the cemetery to honor and pray for the people we lost. Because of the happenings at Nova Festival and the fact I was on that spot that same weekend, I wanted to honour all my personal pals and friends that went to the other world while dancing in an imaginary perfect world. I did this tribute through music. Sometimes words can’t express feelings, but music can. This set was played at the Old is Gold party in Belgium the week after the happenings and it contains only music by Israëli artists, and some tracks from Naor Levi’s (Dj Audiophiller) compilation. On top of that, many of the titles/samples have a special meaning as well. It is a 3 hours long journey from more darkish acidic goa-trance to heavenly melodic blisfull music. All mixed with CDJ2000’s and original cds.

Important addendum: this tribute is not political in any way and, as a pacifist, I am against all violence. I believe every innocent dead person is a disgrace and a shame for mankind and I can only hope war stops right now. As a young dad every video with kids and babies that died or were bombed, simply breaks my heart. I hope all spirits of people that loved to dance and are not alive anymore can join in heaven on the wildest goa-party ever! Whatever history, color, religion or culture you have!”

Written by Dj Anoebis, thank you for your beautiful words.