Full On Trance

Everybody knows that trance music has a lot of genres and sub genres, so many that it’s actually hard to remember all of them.
Some of the main genres are: Goa Trance, Progressive Trance, Psychedelic Trance, Dark Trance, Minimal Trance, Suomisaundi Trance (usually called Freedom Trance or Finnish Trance), and Full on Trance.

Full on Trance is one of the must eminent forms of Psychedelic Trance. Evolving big bass lines (which are planted as two or three short bass notes in between each hit of the 4/4 drum), with catchy hooks but contains fast changes in music sequence (a maximum of 32 beats per sequence), and some borderline commercial and pop elements aside its special melodic and uplifting nature.
The name Full On was chosen to define this genre even though no one is not sure why, some say that the name is delivered from a phrase often used to describe uplifting and energetic music (“That tune is freaking Full On !!!”).
While others say that the source of the name is from the “Full Moon” festivals.
On the other hand, some people claim that the expression Full On is taken from the name of the first album released under Hom Mega productions in 1998, titled Full On, which comes from English slang.
Furthermore, this sub genre of the Psychedelic Trance has the biggest demand by fans. Full Of music was first established in Israel in the late 1990s.

Full on is usually played at clubs or during the sunrise and morning hours at festivals, when the crowd is hyperactive and asks for fast and furious music to smash the ground with.
The Full On music is mainly famous in certain countries like; Israel, United Kingdom, Victoria, Brazil, Florida, and Goa.
Here are some of the hottest names under the genre of Full On music:


Bliss is a Psychedelic Trance producer who has his tracks under Nexus Media and Planet BEN Records.

Azax Syndrom

Regev Azaria aka- Azax Syndrome is considered as one of the leading artists and DJ’s in today’s global Psychedelic Trance scene, a talented and gifted producer, whose effect on the scene is solid.
Known for his extraordinary production abilities, the combination of different aspects of music, enhanced by the influence of his metal days and his uncompromised hard sound and powerful structure, Azax Syndrom fast became a leader name on a global level, with tracks under many famous record labels and co-operations with many big artists like Bliss, Skazi and more and plays at the most wanted trance festivals around the world.

Anandana Shake

The multitalented duo, responsible for the amazing Ananda Shake project is Osher Swissa and Lior Edri from the southern parts of Israel.
They initially started producing Old School Goa trance oriented music, and in time it has evolved into their killer full-on sound they are known for today.

Vibe Tribe

Vibe Tribe is- Stas Marniansky, Kiavash Amiri, and Elmar Ivatarov.
They earned together a big international name and alongside many projects with other famous artists like Infected Mushrooms, made it clear that Vibe Tribe has no limits and can amaze you again and again every time they produce a new track.

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