Universo Paralello – 27.12.2023-03.01.2024

brazil , Brazil

The Universo Paralello festival (roughly translated to Parallel Universe festival) is the heart and soul of Brazilian Psy-trance community, which lasts for nine full days of non-stop music. It’s also one of the most international festivals in the country, and one of the largest alternative culture festivals in all South America. Universo Paralello happens every […]

ZNA Gathering – 14.07-21.07.2024

portugal , Portugal

The ZNA Gathering is a biennial psytrance festival in Portugal. Coming from the land that many consider to be the Mecca of psytrance festivals (it has given us Boom!), you may think the ZNA Gathering to be like so many other psy-festivals out there, but you couldn’t be more wrong. From its beautiful location to […]

PsyFi Festival – 17.07-21.07.2024

Psy-Fi Festival is an annual psytrance music, culture, and arts festival in the Netherlands. Since its inception in 2013, this psychedelic trance festival has amassed a great following. What started as a small music festival has grown to be one of the largest international festivals in the Netherlands, and it attracts thousands of psylovers each […]

Ozora festival – 26.07-06.08.2024

ozora , Hungary

OZORA Festival is the ultimate psychedelic Tribal Gathering and undoubtedly one of the most influential psychedelic trance festivals in the world. Originating as a celebration of the 1999 solar eclipse, the festival has grown to become one of the most immersive and interactive experiences in the world. Each year, more than 30,000 visitors travel to […]

Free Earth Festival – 27.08-01.09.2024

gree , Greece

Free Earth is a collaboration of like-minded dedicated Psychedelic Freedom Fighters determined to bring back the vibe to the outdoor festival scene. A family gathering about Ecology, Music and Culture, at an amazing beach location at Halkidiki, Greece!A massive production with 3 music stages, cultural areas, exclusive decorations, blasting sound systems, mind-blowing visuals, world-class artists… […]