Uk Psytrance set by – Tristan (Boom 2022)

Beneath the expansive celestial canvas of Boom Festival 2022, where the cosmic frequencies seamlessly melded with the rhythm of the revelers, Tristan, the maestro of UK psytrance, emerged as a […]

Honour Goa set by – Anoebis

“1st of November is All Saints in Belgium, the day we go to the cemetery to honor and pray for the people we lost. Because of the happenings at Nova […]

Forest set by – Giuseppa (Modem 2023)

Amidst the shadows of the ancient trees at Modem Festival 2023, a sonic sorcerer emerged to conjure a spellbinding experience within the depths of the Modem Forest. Giuseppe, a master […]

Progressive set by – Ace Venture (Boom 2022)

In the heart of the pulsating Boom Festival 2022, amidst the kaleidoscopic lights and throbbing beats, one name electrified the dance floor like never before – Ace Ventura. As the […]

Twilight set by – GIGI

Yehuda Gigi aka Gigi was born in the South of Israel. Grew up in an artistic family, his passion for music production started at a young age with down tempo […]

Progressive set by – Artmis

New psychedelic original unreleased set by Artmis. The project Artmis by Dar Gazit presents various of psychedelic frequencies, mostly created from analog and organic sounds with a digital touch, and […]

Prastix – Super Sonic – new release!

Prastix – Super Sonic – new release!

Prastix – Super Sonic Prastix is a psytrance/electronica duo formed by producer and musician brothers Yaniv & David Pinian. The Prastix duo employ variety of musical sources, including live electric […]

Progressive Psytrance mix by Remler

Progressive Psytrance mix by Remler

Progressive Psytrance mix by Remler If you like those pumping and groovy Progressive tunes, you will love this one!  Tracklist: 1. Ticon & Gaudium-Tribal Survival (Original Mix) 2. Nok- The […]

Atiramo – Four of Wands

Atiramo - Four of wand

Atiramo – Four of Wands The talented Oren Atiram known as “Atiramo” have just released his first debut album “Four of Wand” on July the 17th this year.  The album was written, produced and […]