Antaris Project festival 2015 Germany

If you’ve never included Antaris in your festival agenda, you haven’t lived! Antaris Project festival 2015 is to be held between 3-6th July 2015 and promises to be an experience you won’t forget. Every year it is held, it brings new faces to the circuit because Antaris is a huge trance event that surpasses expectations regularly. On its 15th Anniversary next year, Antaris Project festival 2015 promises to pull out all the stops in recognition of being one of the most important festivals for trance in Europe.

Getting in tune with good vibrations

Their catchphrase is “laugh and dance” and the stages set for this laughter and dance at the Antaris Project 2015 – Germany venue really will be something worth getting on video. Colorful, filled with music and elated dancers, the festival opens up with a wonderful line up of visuals, under the artistic management of Die Sterngucker. With an impressive lineup of DJs and live music like not seen at other festivals, the area is split into different stages including an Ambient Arena, Spiritual Circle and even has a kids area for family festival visitors. This is a giant event that offers wide verity of music venues for your psychedelic taste. This is the main festival of a European tour, and a must visit festival that guarantees new friends and great experiences.

The location of Antaris Project

The Antaris Project 2015 will be held in the usual location just outside Berlin and the very nature of the land chosen for the project means that there is room for everyone.

With light shows like you will not see elsewhere and such a diverse range of music, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more organized event, without the organization getting in the way of people’s enjoyment. These are serious festival organizers who also know what visitors want, rather than what can be imposed upon them. Happiness and dance is what it’s all about, but provided in lashings, so that even the most energetic of guests will find their own level of awareness to take in the vibrations of the show.

Antaris Project festival 2015 Lineup

The lineup for the Antaris Project 2015 won’t disappoint and those who have visited the festival in past years will have noticed the growth of the festival and how the fifteen years of experience the organizers have given the festival its edge over other potential festivals on the 2015 calendar with its amazing trance djs lineup.

Full lineup will be announced soon…

Antaris Project festival 2015 Tickets

Soon to be announced…

How to get to Antaris Project festival ?

With the nearest town being Gollenberg and it’s well worth booking up in advance, knowing that the Antaris Project 2015 festival will soon be selling tickets like wildfire. Fire eaters, jugglers, musicians and dancers will share that space with the same energy and awareness seen in past festivals, though even more so in this anniversary year celebrations.

Diverse musical and light show choices at Antaris Project festival

The fabulous mixes of music chosen, the great huge plains of the site and the expertise of the organizers come together as an enlightening and energizing experience. Antaris Project 2015 – Germany will no double topple the figures for this year, which were already astounding. Under a canopy of color against a sky of blue, revelers can be assured of fun and laughter as is the promise made by Antaris.

Sweatbands at the ready, festival tents packed and shared transport arranged, Antaris Project 2015 – Germany awaits serious festival fun-lovers. Be sure to get your place in time as Antaris is a well-known venue and likely to reach its quota quickly. Antaris 2014 was a complete success with over 5000 visitors so next year is likely to hit an all-time high.

Antaris Project festival Videos


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