Alweezgrooven Festival Canada 2014

๑۩۞۩๑ Hello Alweezgroovers,

As our community grows stronger each year, so does our passion and drive to bring this annual outdoor celebration to life. Join us for one special weekend as we return our bodies to nature and recharge our minds and spirits with our friends and family.

It is truly our privilege to present to you:

๑۩۞۩๑ August 8-9-10, 2014 ๑۩۞۩๑
๑۩۞۩๑ La Pêche, Quebec ๑۩۞۩๑


• Full Moon Outdoor Celebration
• Brand New Massive Location
• BIG Sound Stages + Beach Music Stage
• International Trance DJs + Artists + Producers
• Extreme visual experience
• Workshops + Activities
• Healing + Recharging
• Quiet Family area
• Food & Drink vendors
• Clean Lake + Huge Beach
• Large Fire Pit at the beach
• Camping + Parking + More


This year, Alweezgrooven has a brand new location on 450 acres of private property less than one hour from Ottawa. The event is located at 655 Chemin Parent in La Pêche, Quebec. Gates open at noon on Friday, August 8th. Music begins at 6pm, so don’t be late! Various activities and workshops are planned to take place throughout the entire weekend; you will receive a full schedule upon your arrival to the site. The event ends at 5pm on Sunday, August 10th.


Tent & camping gear, food, water, ice, day & night clothing, flash light, bug spray, sunblock and garbage bags. We recommend you also bring tarps, rope, batteries, glow-sticks, poi, cameras, anything to enhance your Trance Festival experience. Plan ahead and bring only what you will need – don’t overpack, as you will need to bring everything back with you!


We are creating a family area for all you groovers with kids. It will be secluded away from noise. Please go to the family page so that you can connect with other parents in advance for the weekend. We need to have an idea of how many will be attending so we can ensure that the family area is perfect! We encourage discussion of all sorts: ideas for games, treasure hunts, etc. Please remember we are in the woods with no electricity, so come prepared.


We need Groovers! Do you like being social? Do you like having fun and working with others? We need you! Alweezgrooven has always been about building and working together for a close community, creating magic! We keep our prices low so that everyone can come and enjoy this amazing gathering at an absolutely stellar value! We are looking for volunteers to work over the weekend: it’s nothing complicated: help with set up, greet at the door, fun patrol, tear down, garbage pick up, clean up, etc. If you are interested in helping out, please messsage Shawn Orange.


Do you have a talent you want to share? Do you feel like helping people learn your passion? We will be offering work shops throughout the weekend, so if you have something you wish to teach or want to organize your own work shop, please contact Shawn Orange. This is done on a volunteer basis and we are looking for people who have a passion they can’t wait to share. Last year, we had poi, hula-hoop and mediation work shops. Nothing is too big and nothing is too small! come and participate, be a part of what makes alweezgrooven so special. Work shops include: POI, MEDITATION, HULA HOOP and more. If you are interested in organizing a work shop, please messsage Shawn Orange.


We all get bogged down with too much work, social pressures and the rat race of everyday living. This can lead to enjoying festivals a little too much, or not enough. The GARDEN OF WELLNESS is our response to the stresses of the concrete jungle. Its focus is on discovering and cultivating proper stress responses and clearing the clutter of the mind and not just ‘healing’ because this could imply that you are not already whole. In fact, you have all the healing elements within you already! They just need to be woken and stimulated. Alweezgrooven’s GARDEN OF WELLNESS has got your back with massage therapy, Reiki therapy, and yoga. We present to you four dedicated and passionate therapists who are prepared to hold space for anything you need to shake off so you can continue to shake it on the dance floor:

• CHERYL McKENZIE – Certified Yoga Instructor and Reiki Practitioner

Cheryl McKenzie is a Hatha trained and certified yoga instructor in the traditional styles of BKS Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois, and is a Yin Yoga teacher and Reiki Master in the Usui method of energy healing centered in Intuitive Healing and attuned to the Violet Flame Reiki Levels and Master/Teacher Level. She teaches a wide range of Yogic disciplines across the GTA, Durham and York Region in Ontario and is an active Reiki practitioner and teacher, certifying a growing number of metta Yoga and Reiki Therapy students in the practice of energetic healing both for the self and to share with others.

• JUSTIN OUIMET – Energy Balancing

Justin Ouimet has been practicing and teaching Reiki Therapy since 2008. Using hands, voice, breath and music, he channels pure consciousness energy into the dormant areas of our bodies, minds and hearts, waking us up to our true potentiality.

• MARISA BUCCIONE – Thai massage

• ADRIANA LIMA – Certified Reiki Healing


This year, Alweezgrooven has two main stages of music, as well as the annual day time BEACH stage, which opens on the beach at 11am both days and features your favorite artists from the Alweezgrooven community.

Alweezgrooven Festival Canada 2014 Lineup

///////////////////////////// AURORA stage – psytrance/ambient/chill

DESIGNER HIPPIES – Mumbai, INDIA — psytrance
[United Beats Records USA / Chronicle GOA, INDIA]

!!!! First Canadian Appearance !!!!

The DESIGNER HIPPIES are Romeo & his brother Deepesh Sharma. The artists are currently exploding on the global scene, their names on the tips of dance floors’ tongues. They are conquering new party destinations at every turn, setting up base camps of fans everywhere. Formed in 1999, the brothers have successfully collaborated with top artists from all over the world, creating a vault of foot stomping tracks. The dynamic duo have covered almost every city in India, and have appeared on the main stage line-up for Sunburn Festival, Goa in 2007 and then again in 2009 and Indian Resort Fashion Week In 2011 & 2012. They have been welcomed with open arms at parties in Australia, UK, Mauritius, Thailand in Koh-Phangan at the Full Moon festival for 60 thousand people & Half Moon Festival in 2011, Portugal at the Visions Festival, Lisbon 2011. They are one of the first Indian / International artists to break ground in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia & Seoul, Korea.

Their much anticipated EP titled “Designer Hippies & Family – Part 1” Released in 2012, went WORLDWIDE on iTunes, Beatport, Amazon mp3 & was on the world TOP 100 at #16! On the commercial front, The Designer Hippies have also remixed all the tracks of the movie ‘HEROES’ and the legendary Hit track ‘mast mast nain’ from ‘DABANGG’, which also earned them the “Rashtriya Rajiv Gandhi Achievers Award” for the Best Bollywood Remix in December of 2010.


FRANKENDUCTOR live! – Ottawa, CANADA — psytrance
[Ritual Nights]

RON JON live! – Ottawa, CANADA — psytrance
[Digital Shaman Records]

MONKEY MACHINE live! – Ottawa, CANADA — psytrance
[Altar Records]

MYTHROPHAN – Toronto, CANADA — psytrance
[parts unknown]

Mythrophan has played at several outdoor festivals across Eastern Canada, such as ECLIPSE Festival 2012, OpenMind Festival 2011/13, Harvest Festival 2013, The Ritual Festival 2013, OM Festival 2012/13, All Stars Festival 2013, Shaman Tales: Aqua Festival 2010 and Last Bak’tun 2012. You may also have found him spinning at numerous indoor events in Toronto and Montreal, such as Orion NYE 2014 in Montreal or Samhain Halloween 2012.


SYMBOLIUM – Montreal, CANADA – full-on psytrance
[United Beats Records / Vibromassacre 89.3FM]

DJ SYMBOLIUM is a psytrance DJ from Montreal, Canada. He is the label manager for United Beats Records. SYMBOLIUM also hosts the Vibromassacre radio show every Sunday at 11pm on CISM 89.3FM in Montreal. His sound is influenced by the likes of Mad Maxx, XSI, Mekkanikka, Wild Monkeys, Hidden, Dual Core, Point, Voyager, Liam Shy, Block Device, Broken Toy, Nesono, Species, Edoardo, Exaile, Tube, Rinkadink, Touch Tone, Peace Maker, Insomnia, and many more.


RIKAM – Montreal, CANADA — psy prog
[Tech Safari Records / Eclipse]

DJ RIKAM is a psychedelic trance music lover and one of the most respected psychedelic trance event organizers in North America. He founded eXpérience productions in 1994, Tech Safari Productions in 2002 and the Eclipse Summer Electronic Music Festival in 2003. Rikam has produced techno and trance events ranging from 500 to 3,500 attendees. RIAKM has played alongside artists such as Hallucinogen, Tristan, Sonic Species, Headroom, E-Clip, Dickster, Perfect Stranger, Koxbox, Ace Ventura, Zen Mechanics, X-Dream, OTT, Joti Sidhu, Vibrasphere, Transwave and many others. In 2013, after 19 years on the scene, Rikam started his own label – TechSafari Records – and created his first compilation, entitled Dreamscape V/A with 10 unreleased tracks from Aes Dana, Burn in Noise, E-Clip vs Sonic Species, Joti Sidhu, Voyager, Mad Maxx, Mental Broadcast and many others.


AKIBEL – Montreal, CANADA — full on psytrance
[Kupuri Music]

The story says that AKIBEL is one of those mystical DJs that are simply out there out of love for the music. Her genuine passion for psytrance was so vivid that her close friends kind of requested that she gave mixing a shot in order to spread it to the dancefloor -like a wildfire. Soon, it became clear that she was obviously made for the role as she began to contaminate the dancefloor with aerial and uplifting vibes channeled through an instinct for selection that is the mark of a true music lover. On top of that, her energetic presence wraps the music and the crowd together and gives life to the moment, a fact that is reflected in her stage name, AKIBEL. It is not a surprise that after only 3 years of activity, she already has a quite impressive record, having played in more than 50 events, including several major outdoor festivals such as at Eclipse 2012, Space Gathering (2010-2012), Open Mind Festival (2011-2013), Pandemonium (2011-2012), Orion 2012 and SOMA ELIXIR DIVINO 2013 in Mexico.

ABSOLUTE – Montreal, CANADA — progressive psy
[Musicall Box Productions / Eclipse]

One of the premier female DJs in Canada, DJ ABSOLUTE has been behind the decks for over 14 years. In 2000, she quickly distinguished herself with her surgical skills and her incomparable energy on the stage. DJ ABSOLUTE has shared the stage with many of the top headlining artists in the scene, including Jaïa, GMS, Hallucinogen, DJ Edoardo, James Monroe, Vibrasphere, Shpongle, Atomic Pulse, Nomad, Atmos, Son Kite, Tegma, CPU, Talamasca, just to name a few. DJ ABSOLUTE rises you above the dance floor by her presence and positive energy and with a unique feminine touch in ambiences and mixes, she will show you how a girl can really set a dancefloor on fire!

DECIPHER DECEPTION – Montreal, CANADA — psytrance
[Studio Sundari]

Decipher is a vetran Dj and producer and has been mixing since the early days around 1996 and producing since 1999. Decipher formally known as Deception is a very versatile performer. Mastering several different styles of electronic music and is considered a pioneer in the psychedelic music scene. He is a former resident to a various nightclubs around Toronto during the late 1990’s with productions under a label in the UK circa 2000’s. Travelling to different parties, clubs and events in many places across Canada and Europe.
Now currently living in Montreal, Decipher is part of the Studio Sundari Community Collaboration Project which is currently heavily influencing the underground Psychedelic and creative music scene thoughout eastern Canada. Studio Sundari main event organizer, promoter and resident artist.

MIKE TOSHIRO – Ottawa, CANADA — psychedelic house
[Rough Crew]

SYNTHETIK – Ottawa, CANADA — twilight psytrance

DREAM TRAVELLER – Ottawa, CANADA — psychedelic chill
[parts unknown]

MARK PSYKICK – Gatineau, CANADA — psytrance
[RItual Nights]

SPORADIX – Ottawa, CANADA — psytrance

DATA DECAY – Ottawa, CANADA — full-on psytrance
[Ritual Nights / FAK]

SPACESHIP MANAGER – Ottawa, CANADA — psytrance
[Alweezgrooven / Ritual Nights]

KODA – Ottawa, CANADA — progressive psytrance
[Ritual Nights / Hermetika]

๑۩۞۩๑ MUSIC

///////////////// TERRA stage – house, techno, bass

MR. RIGHT – Mumbai, INDIA — progressive
[United Beats Records / Chronicle GOA, INDIA]

First North American appearance! You will hear progressive house from over 12,000 km away. The project “MR. RIGHT” formed in 2013, is a deep house / techno / progressive set. It is a solo project of Deepesh Sharma of Designer Hippies, which has already taken many cities by storm, played in the most happening clubs all over. After rocking India, we bring you the Prince, MR. RIGHT and his quality sound. He will surely set all the moods “right.” CANADA, HOPE YOU ARE READY!

TINO SCHWARZ – Berlin, GERMANY — deep house / techno
[Alweezgrooven / Valburga Berlin]

A former member of Tadellos, TINO SCHWARZ has extended his stay in Canada to be able to perform two very special sets at Alweezgrooven: a night-time proper techno set to show you what the German tech sound is all about, as well as a day-time deep house set for the milder groove. It is truly a rare opportunity to have the latest and best sounds from Europe’s techno capital, Berlin. We welcome TINO SCHWARZ to show you what real house and techno music is all about.

RETURN OF THE JADED live! – Hungary / UK / Canada — house

Working from their studio in Ottawa, Zoltan Kontes (Hungary), Simon Sheppard (U.K.), and Chris Girard (Canada) have been cultivating a sound that’s all their own; a sound that gives life to the constant evolution of house music. In May of 2013, the group’s first release ‘Lolita’ was unveiled through Pleasurekraft’s imprint Kraftek. The track had great success within the Soundcloud community, with a play count that is still steadily rising. Their current focus is to create new and original music for house music enthusiasts and party goers alike. As for 2014, the group has already confirmed releases on Kittball Records (Germany), as well as 303 Lovers (Italy).

KURT YATES – Denver, USA — techno / house
[Capital DJ Academy / Alweezgrooven]

Born in Michigan but legendary in Colorado, DJ KURT YATES has shared the stage with international DJs such as Nick Warren, Sander Kleinenberg, Anthony Pappa, Jimmy Van M, Sandra Collins, Chris Fortier, Kimball Collins, Hybrid, Scott Henry, Super DJ Dmitry (Deee-Lite), Cass & Slide, Jerry Bonham, Donald Glaude, Sean Cusick, Luis Diaz, Christopher Lawrence, Grant Plant, Mark Tabberner, Vitamin D, Bones, Terry Mullan, DJ Three, and many others. He remains as enthusiastic as ever and with his 80+ years of experience, he will show you just how the old guys do it.

TAKiN – Toronto, CANADA — house / tech
[Maloos Music / 6N7 Music]

Driven for the last 14 years by his passion for music, TAKiN is a celebrated Canadian artist, producer, radio host and entertainer.

TAKiN’s talent has been recognized by leading Canadian record labels. TAKiN has played in top venues across Canada in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa and has regular appearances in Miami, New York, Washington and Los Angeles. As a DJ, his focus is on the mixology of people and music, rhythms and creativity to create a unique energy on the dance floor, transcending his audience to a place of thrilling and inspired journey. The love of music has been an unprecedented driving factor in TAKiN’s life, creating revolutions in his desire for various sounds and scenes within the industry. He is a supporter of underground music with great appreciation of deep and tech house, ethnic and old world beat fusion sounds. TAKiN’s recent successes are propelling him towards an international career both as a DJ and a music producer. His focus is more in tune than ever on creating sounds and style that are revolutionary, inspiring a broad audience and new generation of music lovers from around the world.

K-DUST – Toronto, CANADA — breakbeat / deep tech / house
[House Of Dust]

DJ K-DUST makes you dance, makes you move, makes you feel. K-DUST integrates UK garage, bass, breaks and deep tech together with live loops and samples, into an ecstatic dance floor experience. His mixes are regularly featured on Beatport Top 100,, in burner circles and via the global underground. Last year, he destroyed the dancefloor (literally – we needed to fix it after his set) so this year, come check out something very special.

DJ MUGZ – Ottawa, CANADA — drum & bass
[Rough Crew]

RICK LAPLANTE – Ottawa, CANADA — tech-house / techno
[Framework Music]

PETE SHREDZ – Ottawa, CANADA — liquid drum & bass
[Rough Crew]

TONE A – Ottawa, CANADA — house
[Framework Music]

ACE OF FADES – Ottawa, CANADA — breaks
[Rough Crew / Slap & Tickle]

BRINK – Ottawa, CANADA — house
[Framework Music]

MARK HUGHES – Ottawa, CANADA — tech-house / techno

SUPERSONIC – Ottawa, CANADA — tech-house / techno

SHAWN ORANGE – Ottawa, CANADA — progressive / tribal house


Stay tuned, as artists and vendors make up a large part of our community. All info to be posted soon! If you are interested in becoming a vendor or you wish to display your art, please contact Koda Kan.

Alweezgrooven Festival Canada 2014 Tickets

Your ticket includes full access to the 3-day event and all the usual benefits. Your ticket does not include the right to cause harm to the site or to others in any way.

• Ottawa – NRML (184 Rideau Street)
• Ottawa – ADORIT BOUTIQUE (153 York Street)

• Montreal – PSYCHONAUT (154 Prince Arthur E)
• Montreal – STUDIO SUNDARI (6264 Rue Saint-Hubert)

next 100 ADVANCE – $50
remaining ADVANCE – $60
DOOR TICKETS – $75 (cash only)

For safety reasons, There is absolutely no permission to drive around the site at any time. Vehicles leaving the event may be subject to a re-entry fee.


• 18+ with ID, under 18 requires full supervision of a legal guardian or parent ONLY
• Security and first aid will be on site for your safety
• cans or plastic & reusable bottles only. All glass bottles will be confiscated at the gate, no exceptions
• small or personal fires allowed – no hazardous fires tolerated, also no removal of live wood – use fallen wood only
• No drugs, weapons or illegal / hazardous items of any kind
• garbage to be returned with you – this is a “pack in-pack out” event – LEAVE NO TRACE
• No renegade sound systems
• no soap or other substances in the lake
• No pets

Any persons not following these guidelines will be asked to leave the site immediately without refund. We strive to maintain a safe and enjoyable event for everyone, so please be responsible.


๑۩۞۩๑ An annual celebration of music, art and dance under the stars.๑۩۞۩๑

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