ZNA Gathering Festival 2017

Every year, right in time for the festivals opening season, something really special is happening in Portugal, that is known for the last two decades as one of the leading countries in the psychedelic scene. Among the other festivals around, the ZNA gathering has become very popular to psytrance lovers across the world, especially because of its focus on a small and friendly vibe, and keeping the basics by staying true to the roots of the underground and old-school psytrance.

ZNA gathering festival 2017

So why ZNA Gathering?

ZNA Gathering began its way back in 2010 and probably done something right, as the word began to spread about all across the world, so more and more people joined this beautiful tribe. The festival grew bigger, while still staying true to themselves and their unique concept- A retro-futuristic gathering festival.

the name ZNA is taken from the DNA word – it is a story about a tribe of people named “Zambu”- who experienced the golden era of the Psy back in the 90’s. ZNA refers to the genetic code of those Zambu People.

ZNA Gathering location

the festival will take place at lake Montargil in Portugal, near breathtaking green landscapes and sweet friendly water from the lake for use. this dreamy location with its view makes you feel true joy and freedom.

Music and activities on ZNA Gathering

The musical agenda of the event is the old-school Psy spirit. Through 6 days, there will be 2 stages at the festival- the dancefloor and the chillout zone, when the main genres on the spectrum begin with Psy downtempo,  through timeless Goa to nowadays tech-trance, and with the help of huge artists such as X-Dream, The Delta, Atmos, Ticon and even EatStatic, this musical journey will surely be a long and beautiful trip. As for the afterparty, the chillout zone will be activated as an alternative with genres like deep house, minimal and techno.

also, for the families convenience- there will be ZambuKids area with a variety of adults and kids workshops and special activities with professional childcare nannies, to keep them fully entertained and safe, while the parents entertain themselves! you can also find therapy sessions, art workshops & delicious healthy food area.

ZNA Gathering festival 2017

How to get to ZNA Gathering festival

In the official festival website, you will find a map for travel instructions from the main cities in Portugal, such as Lisbon and Porto- that take near 2-hour drive, while from Madrid it takes about 5 hours. There is also a bus from Lisbon airport directly to the festival zone. For campers and Vans, there is a camping area right next to the festival.


watch the Official movie of ZNA Gathering 2015:



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