Welcome to WILD Festival Canada 2015 – August 21 – 23

When our day to day lives become more stressful, there is no surprise why so many people are seeking a way to escape from the hectic world of the big city. Some of us in need of relaxing time outdoors, where we can reconnect with ourselves and nature, while others enjoy staying more active, hiking , dancing, hula hooping,  meditating or even working on a new art projects outside of a four walls of their studio or apartment.

Here is where we come in to bring people of the same interest to celebrate life, a beautiful pursuit of self-knowledge in an incredibly magical place that will never be forgotten. Careful consideration went into the location selection to not interfere with any residential areas. Our land owner gratefully provided us with 243 acres of beautiful land for camping, hiking, live music performances, art workshops, tai massage, yoga and meditation classes for ultimate physical and spiritual recovery.

Our organization is a proud member of the “leave no trace” movement where we are focused on providing an environmentally friendly event. As such, we will ensure a proper cleanup to remove all garbage and recycling and return the venue back to its natural state. Furthermore, we will provide 24 hour security and medical staff in order to provide a safe and trouble free event. Our group event will not only benefit our guests but also the community of Palmer Rapids. We have setup a program where every attendant will donate a non-particle food item or other goods which will be dropped off at Madawaska Valley Food Bank upon the completion of our event.

Let’s get away!!! Let’s lose the connection, the power bars to our gadgets. Let the Wild Summer Festival be your power tool in finding hidden links that connect us to life, nature, and music!
The land of the Wild was carefully selected to accommodate all of your fantasies. More than 240 acres of lush nature will be there for you. Go wild, find the hidden gem of your own!!!

Let’s not forget about our international and local artists who have taken the oath to keep your feet moving all day and all night long. If you are looking into more relaxing activities like live painting, workshops, yoga, Thai massage and healing massage will be there for your optimal physical and spiritual recovery.

We are dedicated to create one of the most memorable weekends of your lives. All you will need is your awesome vibes to find the outlet to your inner wild self.

Join our Tribe.

Let’s have a Wild Trip Together !!

WILD Festival Canada 2015 Lineup

WILD Festival Canada 2015 Lineup

WILD Festival Canada 2015 Tickets

Special Early Bird – $55 SOLD OUT
Early Bird – $75 – Finishing on July 6
First Phase – $95
Second Phase – $110

Price goes up at the door

Get them here

Hard Copy Tickets at:

High Times Shop –
714 Bloor St W, Toronto,

The Down To Earth Shoppe
130 King St W, Hamilton

Hurry up before they’re all gone!


Take a bus or share a ride.
Save money and time.
Chartered bus and rideshare group. If you’re still wondering how you’re getting to WILD SUMMER FESTIVAL, then please join!

More Details about the Festival will be posted SOON.
Mark Your Calendar August 21 – 23 Come to be WILD

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