♩♪♬ 20 Years Of African Psy-Trance Adventures ♬♪♩

Vortex open source Festival 2014

The Vortex Concept was born on the 24th November 1994, in the very year that South Africa was embracing Freedom & rejoicing in the birth of a new era, a truly magical & special time in African History, guided by a true visionary of Peace, Love, Unity & Respect, Nelson Mandela.

Twenty years down the road, we invite you to please join us for our 20th Birthday Celebration, a, Pure & True, International Psy-Trance Gathering on the Southern most Tip of the African continent where the Indian & Atlantic Oceans meet, Cape Town – South Africa. Home to Table Mountain, one of the 7 Natural Wonders & the 12th Mind Chakra of the planet.

Experience Psy-Culture as it should be, 7 Days of Friends, Fun & Sunshine in one of the most, unique, organic, beautiful, comfortable, amazing & user-friendly locations we have ever found. In celebration of 20 Years of Outdoor Gatherings & the dedicated promotion of the way of life it teaches. Our mission-statement is & always has been, The Re-Introduction of Psy-Trance Culture into Modern Society.

Right now Cape Town South Africa is without a doubt one of the booming outdoors trance destinations of the world & one of its best-kept secrets. Our outdoor summer season is from November to January & with massive outdoor parties every weekend there is no shortage of killer Psy-Trance experiences in beautiful outdoor locations all summer…

Vortex open source Festival 2014

Vortex open source Festival 2014 – Line up

★Any Birthday Celebration Deserves A Birthday Surprise. The DJ Line-Up & Times for this festival are being kept as a special surprise & will only be released to Festival Goers as they enter. We do gaurantee a DJ only Trance Experience with the feature 4 Hour Journey DJ sets by some of the finest to ever grace the Psy-Trance World ★

14 Years ago we honored the Artists who make the music with the SA 2000 Millennium Party & 14 Years later, on our 20 Year Birthday, we honor the Art & Expression of the DJ. The SA 2014 Party will feature 4 Hour JOURNEY DJ sets from some of the finest exponents in the art of Electronic Music Mixing.

The Millennium saw Vortex produce the hugely internationally acclaimed party on New Years Eve, SA 2000, This was a worldwide groundbreaking event, featuring all the formulative Artists at that time of the trance scene. There were no DJ sets at all in this first ever Exclusively Live Festival Format.

The Feature of the Festival was exclusive 2-hour live performances from artists like – Hallucinogen, X-Dream, Total Eclipse, Psychaos, Pleaidians, Kox-Box, Cydonia, Etnica, Deviant Species, Tristan, Tim Schuldt, Joti Sidhu, Infected Mushroom, Droidlock, California Sunshine, Medicine Drum, Bamboo Forest, Dino Psaras & Slinky Wizard, in honor of their contribution towards the development of Psy-Trance music over the first 10 Years of its history.

Then came The SA 2002 Total Solar Eclipse Festival & voted by many as one of the best Trance Experience of their lives. On tribal land on the border of one of the world’s largest wild-life sanctuaries, The Kruger Park, this 5 day festival saw thousands of International Travelers again visit SA shores.

A collaboration with Alien Safari the feature of this festival was to gather the primary party organizers of the Trance scene worldwide in celebration of Trance Culture.

With representatives attending from Party organizations Solstice, V00V, TBE, Solipse, Zoom, Celeb Brazil, Samothraki Dance Festival, TimeCode, Mushroom Mafia, The Glade Pioneers & a dynamic line-up of 50 Artists from around the world, including Etnica, Bamboo Forest, GMS, Pleaidians, Droidlock, Tristan, Antidote. Skragg, Akira, Twisted System, Shift, Droidlock, Slinky Wizard, the Festival ran for 5 days & turned into one of the most powerful Southern Hemisphere Eclipse Dance-Floor Energy Experience & Psy-Trance Gatherings in history.

♥ THE LOCATION ♥ “Circle Of Dreams” CAPE TOWN – SOUTH AFRICA – Riviersonderend / Endless River
GPS 34*08’16.27”S 19*59’43.14”E
A place in consciousness, where you are one with your soul and its purpose to enjoy every moment of your incarnation. A place which invites the contemplation of divine mystery, and encourages an attitude of spiritual openness not necessarily where answers are grasped or understood but rather where questions are asked, conversations occur, rituals are perpetuated, dances are performed and silence is heard.

A place that exudes harmony, beauty & peace & has the magic of trees & hidden forest beings & the mysteries of the ancients. It has wide mountain views, yet is completely secluded. A beautiful Private forested River Party Sanctuary giving us a magical party space, perfect for multiple days of psychedelic adventure. An Endless River, underneath ancient majestic mountains ranges. The cry of the African fish eagle, a lush forest, a circle of oak trees used by travelers for 100’s of years as a sanctuary, shaded camping for every tent & a beautiful river for swimming.

Vortex open source Festival 2014 Directions

From CT International Airport – Take First Exit Left N2 Somerset West. Go over Sir Lowry’s pass. Through Caledon to Riviersonderend. From Caltex on RHS in Riviersonderend Travel 7 km’s & turn left at DR1306.
From George – Take N2 To Cape Town – Past Swellendam & turn right at DR1306.
LOOK FOR SIGNS! NB: Distance is relative to your desire to travel. Life’s a Journey, Enjoy The Ride.

Vortex open source Festival 2014 Tickets

South Africa:
Phase 1 Early Bird: 01 Feb – 31st May R400 (Ltd) Only @ tyree.opensource@gmail.com – FINISHED 🙂
Phase 2 Early Bird: 01 June -30 Sept. R450 (Ltd) Only @ tyree.opensource@gmail.com
Phase 3 Standard: 01 Oct.- 04 Dec. R500 Available at Selected Outlets / GATE: R 550

Phase 1 Early Bird : 01 Feb – 31st May EU 40 / $ 60 (Ltd) Only @ tyree.opensource@gmail.com
Phase 2 Early Bird: 01 June -30 Sept. EU 50 / $ 70 (Ltd) Only @ tyree.opensource@gmail.com
Phase 3 Normal: 01 Oct.- 04 Dec. EU 60 Available at Selected Outlets / GATE: EU 80 / $ 90

Email us at: tyree.opensource@gmail.com to purchase your ticket. After a simple EFT the electronic ticket will be sent directly to your email. Each ticket has a unique code linked to your passport or ID. Experience the full 7 day Camping & Psychedelic Gathering. Shaded camping for every tent, a beautiful swimming river & mountain views. You camp with your vehicle with; free flush toilets, hot-showers & free structured drinking water.

[title]♥ SOUTH AFRICAN TRAVEL INFO ♥[/title]
There are no Visa Requirements for EU citizens for up to a 90-day stay in South Africa. Tourist Visa available at Airport Customs upon entry to the country. For all your South African Travel Info, including Party Tickets, Party Transport, Airport Transfers, Accommodation, Car-Hire, Inter-City Transfers, Currency Exchange, Table Mountain Tours, Safari Packages & much much more:

Experience the Festival in style & comfort. Fully kitted 2 person tents available for hire in a spacious, fully shaded, secure, secluded, comfortable & safe space, situated in a prime river frontage location. Private serviced flush toilets, hot-showers, 24 Hour Security & a Charging station for mobile phones & laptops. Tent equipment includes, 2 x comfy mattresses, pillows, sleeping bags & interior light. Car Parking @ your tent.

Bookings: Email: tyree.opensource@gmail.com
– R 300 / EU 30 / $ 40 / Day Per Tent (2 Person Sharing). Minimum Stay of 3 Nights. Discounted Full 7 Day Hire ★ R 1800 /EU 180 / $200 ★

[title]♥ STALL BOOKINGS ♥[/title]
Contact: jamie.opensource@gmail.com / Stall Bookings close 25th November.
GENERAL INFO: Tel +27 (0) 71 4688339 / Email: tyree.opensource@gmail.com
Media & Industry Guest-list closed from 25th November

[title]♥ OPEN SOURCE ♥[/title]
Psychedelic Trance Parties are engineered experiences, usually by multiple sets of consciousness to create conditions that are favorable to the expansion of awareness. They are used to orchestrate individuals to awaken to a new concept, awareness, or to cross paths with a particular teacher or teaching event. Event Strings are catalysts to connect individuals with new concepts and energetic transfers that re-grid an obsolete men…tal model. They are most commonly used to shift awareness within the initiated light workers who are the vanguard of human destiny.”

Psychedelic Trance is a way of life, a way of living that teaches us the beauty of the world and our relationship to it. Trance parties for us are about the connection of the conscious whole through the expression of dance & Only the unified true intentions of the participants, organizers & musicians allow this to take place. Open Source is a collaboration of like-minded, dedicated Psychedelic Freedom Fighters committed to the revival of an authentic & profoundly transformative vibe in the outdoor party scene. This is realized through our unique family gathering in the magical realms of the Circle of Dreams, a river & forest camping setting located near the bewitching Mother City of Cape Town, on the Southern tip of Africa.

‘Open Source’ is an ideal initiated in the technological community as a revolutionary response to elitist corporate culture & reflects a struggle against oppression that resonates on many levels within our world & every living being in it. This renegade movement promotes free, universal access & redistribution of a design or idea & its implementation. It is typically created as a collaborative effort in which all improve upon the code & share the changes within the community. It unifies us as co-creators of transformative acts in our evolution & expansion as a global, synchronized family.

Vortex open source Festival 2014 tickets

The Psy-Trance Community is an expression of this integrated remix culture & holds exceptional power & responsibility for unity, harmony and global respect. We believe that by aligning with the open source paradigm we can unlock this potential as a radical catalyst for change. As small as this change may be, we recognize the significance of every creative element in the bigger picture, and hold conviction in our inherent role as light-workers for conscious metamorphosis.

Across two decades of whole-hearted involvement & allegiance to this community, we have come to know and work with many sensational people from all over the world who echo this cause. People who are committed to leaving behind all illusions of separateness – including politics, race and religion – by connecting as one through trance music and sharing the moment. Who believe that the road is as important as the destination itself? It is our goal to encourage & assist the collaboration of these visionaries, as well as the expansion of this awareness to others, sharing the gift of giving without wanting back in return.

With this in mind, our productions are geared at combining the idea of carnival with the idea of spiritual and material transformation. For us, it’s about keeping the countercultural spirit alive; providing a safe and spiritually charged space in which people can let go and experience the ancient energies of the communal dance! South Africa has an edge that needs to be celebrated – it’s a melting pot of cultures, traditions and energies and at this point in the history of humanity there couldn’t be a better place to celebrate transformation of consciousness and the human potential for converting imagination into reality.

The organizers accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles & belongings resulting from any cause whatsoever. Due care has been taken to make this event safe & secure. Participation at event is entirely at your own risk. RIGHT OF ADMISSION RESERVED!

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