Universo Parallelo Brazil is one of the most celebrated music festivals in Brazil. It celebrates Electronic, Trance and Psychedelic music. Trance is one of its main themes with a line up from the biggest and best international psychedelic acts in the world. The Alternative dance floor offers a mixture of electronic, techno, and a mixture of international and Brazilian music.

This is a week-long festival celebrated late December to early January the following year. This marks a celebration of two years – the ending of one and the beginning of another.

Set in Pratigi Beach, in the remote beach side of Bahia State in Brazil, the Universo Parallelo Brazil is like paradise found. The setting is a coconut farm on the beach, six hours drive south of Salvador de Bahia. With the jungle on one side, and the beautiful expanse of Atlantic Ocean on the other, you can enjoy a spectacular beach and relax, at the same time, revel not only in the music, but a whole lot of activities.

Beyond electronic music, there’s also the Circolou, the area for artistic and cultural activities. There are workshops about sport, health, art and theater, children’s activities, meditation and much more. There are communal food areas where people can try new and mostly vegetarian meals. There’s also the warm, sunny weather and water, and the long, soothing coastline that is ultimately ideal for those who want to relax with some water splash.

One distinct characteristic of this festival is that the camping site and camping itself is part of the whole event. The campsite is fully furnished with things such as lockers, toilets, showers, and internet access. Transportation into the campsite is provided as well as secure parking. A mini-city of tents and stalls are erected and there are rules that each participant has to adhere to. Everyone cleans up, takes care of the place and treats each other with respect.

The organizers and promoters of the festival are part of a global movement who long for alternative communities, , electronic music, organic food, fitness and mate tea. They travel all over the world to attend these kinds of festival. Similar festivals are also celebrated on the beaches of Goa, in Southern Thailand, Karnataka in Southern India, The Boom Festival in Portugal, and Ozora Festival in Hungary.

The festival has two major stages that play Trance and Psychedelic music from all over the world. People from all over the globe, and local and indigenous people from across Brazil join and party together, to dance and groove, exchange cultures and enjoy nature. There are also ceremonies performed by the indigenous tribes. During the festival, a connection is established to all the festival goers staying in the campsite.

If you are going to the festival, make sure you bring your favorite swimwear. Do not forget to bring your hat, sunglasses, and sunblock to protect yourself from the sun. The hippie look is in; color and print would definitely match your swimwear.

You don’t have to worry about food, you have plenty to choose from in the communal food areas. As for accommodations, there is no need to go further than the campsite. If you did not bring your tent with you, there is a service in the campsite that provides camping needs or hotel service.
Here’s a list of things you need to remember in the campsite.
– Fires are forbidden on the grounds.
– Everyone cleans up – throw your garbage properly.
– Conserve water, there would be enough for everyone.
– Dance barefoot. The ground you dance on is sacred, keep it clean.
– Your tent is your home, do not throw your trash in your backyard.
– Do not destroy local flora and fauna.
– Segregate your garbage.
– Respect, accept and appreciate one another’s cultural differences
– Know your limits – eat, dance, and drink moderately.

When you go to the Universo Parallelo Brazil festival, your means of transport will be a shuttle service running from December 26-31 and resumes Jan 1-4. There are also buses and travel agencies you can hire. Salvador is the main arrival destination. Because of its location, it is strongly recommended to bring sufficient funds to make the journey to and from the site, as well as to make your stay comfortable.

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