Tree of Life Festival is a psychedelic Music and Arts Gathering, taking place at Karagöl Lake, Izmir, Turkey.  A beautiful lake made as a result of tectonic movements, Small, heart shaped, and full of mystical creatures.  

The tree of life festival is made with a lot of thought, love and dedication!

We enjoy having (for third year in a raw!) a huge array of colorful visitors from all over the globe, not every day you get to see multi cultures blend together for the sake of music and joy of life, we simply find it beautiful and therefore worth our efforts.

Join us for the third edition of the Tree of Life Festival during the summer solstice of 2014!

Again we will bring you the best music, decoration and visuals in order to create the perfect transformation into peace, unity and global respect. For this Special edition we plan 7 days in order to celebrate life on earth – on main stage and pre & after party on Lake Stage.

2 stages, gem sessions on sunset, healing area, morning yoga on lake stage, workshops, international food and clothing markets, stage artists, fire shows, cinema, kabalic awareness lessons about the tree of life vision, health and more !!!

Tickets for tree of life festival 2014

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Line Up

Main stage

(Alphabetical order)

Angry Luna (Ovni records | France)

Asimilon (Bom Shanka Music| U.K.)

Basic (Hommega| Israel)

Cholo (Circle of Life| Israel)

Digitalis (Dragonfly rec | U.K.)

Delirient (Nexus Media| South Africa)

Digicult (Dacru rec | Belgium)

Dj Zen (SourceCode/Iono |Netherlands)

E-Clip (IONO |Serbia)

E-Mantra (Vimana Rec |Romania)

Ehuty/Duat (Tree of Life |Brazil)

7th Dimension (Tree of Life |Greece)

Electrypnose (Peak rec | Switzerland)

Entropy (Doof rec | Israel)

E.V.P. (Wildthings rec | U.K.)

Edell(Tree of Life | Russia)

Huda G (Moksha | Israel)

Pick (Zenon| Israel)

Hypogeo (Zenon | Italy)

Kliment (Zenon | Bulgaria)

Lunarave (Hadra | France)

Mama Gaia (UnderBraVidunder| Sweden)

Merkaba (Zenon| Australia)

Mr.What? (Iboga| Israel)

Nitrodrop (Alchemy Records| Israel)

Novelty (Hommega| Israel)

Psysex/Goblin (Hadra Records|Israel)

Psymmetrix (Bom Shanka Music| U.K.)

Psytotix (Dooflex | Spain)

Phobos (Looney moon rec.| Italy)

Rastaliens(Wildthings rec | Germany.)

Reality Grid (Wildthings rec | U.K.)

Saga (Tree of life| Israel)

Shayman (Nano Records| Israel)

Shiva Tree (Phantasm| Israel)

Shakta (Dragonfly rec | U.K.)

Sonic elysium (Sonic Elysium records| Russia)

Southwild (Wildthings records| Canada)

Skizologic (Zion 604 Records| Israel)

Starling (Bom Shanka Music|Hilltop Goa- India.)

Spiros Wom vs El-Mahico (Amorphia | Greece)

Suduaya (Altar Records| France)

Symbolic (Echos| Israel)

Spirit Architect (Dacru rec | Macedonia)

Terranoise (Doof rec | Israel)

Tropical Bleyage (Dacru rec | Serbia)

Tmx Mind (T.O.L./Mind manifest | Turkey)

U-Recken (Tree of Life/Dacru | Israel)

Yudhisthira (Vertigo| Macedonia)

Zyce (TesseracTstudio | Serbia)


Flower of Life

Alternative Lake stage:

(Alphabetical order)

Aurora X (Sonic Loom Records| Bulgaria)

Bayawaka (Mikelabella records| Israel)

B.e.n. vs Kaizer (Singularity |Macedonia)

Cosmosonic (MMP|Turkey)

Cure Shot (Tree of Life |Turkey)

Da Wood (Tree of Life |Turkey)

Dee Aura (Tree of Life | Israel)

Entheogenic (Interchill | U.K.)

Electrypnose (Peak rec | Switzerland)

Electic (Tree of Life |Turkey)

Ehuty/Duat (Tree of Life |Brazil)

Fishimself (ultimae/Freeze |Greece)

GayaTree (Blue Hour Sound Records |Russia)

Hibernation (interchill | U.K.)

Hodini (Maganja Tribe| Israel)

I.R.I.S.(Tree of Life|Bulgaria)

Johnny Blue (Mikelabella Records |Cyprus)

Junior (909, Dinamo Fm |Turkey)

Junior X (Indie |Greece)

Kalya scintilla (Zenon | Australia)

Kaya Project (interchill | U.K.)

Kliment (Zenon | Bulgaria)

Katmirr (Indie |Turkey)

Kodomo(Tree of Life|Turkey)

Kukan dub Lagan (MikelaBella Rec. |Israel/Spain)

Liminal Roots (Roots music|India

LovPact (Hadra Records| France)

Loopus in Fabula(Fabula Records| Italy)

La kumpania beats (Indie |France)

Marco Mental ( Visionary Mind Records|Italy)

Master Margherita (Peak Rec|Switzerland )

Mindsphere (Suntrip Records|Turkey )

Mysticism(Tree of Life/MMP|Turkey)

Naaz. (Logicvision rec – D-A-R-K-Rec| Canada)

Oriah (Tree of Life |Turkey)

PsyTiger (Tree of Life/MMP|Turkey)

Ramizes(Tree of Life/MMP|Turkey)

Raijin Gaijin (MikelaBella Rec.|Israel/Spain)

Suduaya (Altar Records| France)

Sama (Lotus Paradise| Iran/Cyprus)

Sleeping Forest (Hadra Records| France)

Sorian (MikelaBella Rec.|Israel/Spain)

Tangun (Tree of Life |Turkey)

Therapist(Altar Records|Bulgaria)

Voodoo Mantra (Indie |Turkey)

Warg aka Magick (Indie |Turkey)

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