Welcome to the 4th Edition of Tree Of Life Festival 2015 !

☯ ☯ ☯ ☯ ☯ ☯ ☯

Hi everyone and Happy New 2015!
(lets make this one count shall we?)

After checking a fair few new locations, we decided none of them can be as perfect as the one we used so far ! So we are staying in Izmir and to be honest we are very happy it turned out this way!

More so we decided to push the event dates to the end of July because of two main reasons:

1.Ramadan holidays starts early June and ends on mid July. Not possible and not respectful to celebrate during this holiday.

2.Weather (we had our fair share of rain and we wish to avoid that)

Tree Of Life Festival 2015 Tickets

✯✯✯Early Bird tickets✯✯✯

Sales starts after the 15th of January 2015.
The first 200 tickets for the price of 65 Euro only.
(Non refundable non changeable.)
full information about ticket sales will be updated soon.

Tree Of Life Festival 2015 Lineup

(Alphabetical order)

►Astral Projection (T.I.P.records | Israel)
►Basic (Hommega | Israel)
►Bitkit (Dacru rec | Belgium)
►Bruce(Nexus media | South Africa)
►Darwish (Hommega| Israel)
►D Nox (Sprout / Plastic Park | Germany )
►Deliriant(Spectral rec,Nexus media | South Africa)
►Dee Aura (Tree of Life | Israel)
►Djane Skarma (Panel Crew/Israel)
►Dschagganaut (Charged Mind Germany)
►Dj Alex Light (Divine Spirit Records,Goa)
►Electric Universe(Dacru records |Germany)
►Elegy (Ovnimoon records |Germany)
►Etnica (Etnica |Italy/Ibiza)
►Electic (Tree of Life |Turkey)
►Edell( E.R. Agency | Russia)
►Entropy (Doof rec | Israel)
►Ehuty/Duat (Tree of Life |Brazil)
►Emo-V(Mind Manifest | Turkey)
►Fabio Leal (Zenon | Brazil)
►Fire Starter (YSE | Israel)
►Ghost Note (Ovnimoon BMSS | Israel)
►Harmonic Rebel (Psynon Records |Cyprus)
►Hellquist (Zenon | Sweden)
►Huda G. (Moksha | Israel)
►Huja Boy (T.I.P.records | Israel)
►Hux Flux (Alchemy | Sweden)
►Isochronic (Psynon Records |Cyprus)
►J&B Project (Amplidudes rec. | Germany)
►KariMix (Tree of Life Germany)
►Kliment (Zenon,Elektrick dream | Bulgaria)
►Kronics vs Unreality ( Namasté Records -France )
►Level D(Solar records/Australia)
►Lupin(Ovnimoon Records| Spain)
►Mama Gaia (UnderBraVidunder| Sweden)
►Megalopsy (Dark Prisma Argentina)
►Mechanix (Dna Rec | Israel)
►Micro Therapy ( Free dreams / enzyme rec | portugal)
►Mr.What? (Iboga| Israel)
►Nitrodrop (Digital om | Israel)
►Nomad 25 (Psynon Records |Cyprus)
►Once Upon A Time (Blue hour sounds | Bulgaria)
►Psysex/Goblin (Hadra Records|Israel)
►Plasmotek (24/7 Records | France)
►Pleiadians (Etnicanet |Italy/Ibiza)
►Psytotix (Dooflex | Spain)
►PsyTiger (Tree of Life/MMP|Turkey)
►Phobos (Looney moon rec.| Italy)
►Ryanosaurus (Weapon Records -Australia)
►Riff Ruff (24/7 Records | Austria)
►Saga (Tree of life| Israel)
►Sonic elysium (Sonic Elysium records| Russia)
►Sychotria (Ayauma rec | Brazil)
►Tetrameth (Weapon Records -Australia)
►Total Eclipse (Mandala Records -France)
►Tmx Mind (T.O.L./Mind manifest | Turkey)
►U-Recken (Tree of Life/ Dacru records | Israel)
►Voodoo Mantra (Liquid Tune Rec./Turkey)
►Will O Wisp(Dark Prisma | Argentina)
►Whiptounge (Looney moon| Brazil)
►Yar Zaa(Tree of Life | Spain)
►Xtracid (Alchemy Rec | Mexico )
►7th Dimension (Tree of Life| Greece)

♬♬ Main stage closing act by D-Nox! one of the biggest Techno performers in the world, most of you know and love…
28.7. from apx.17:00 PM till sundown..

you do not want to miss this.

♬░░░▒▒▓▓██ LAKE STAGE ██▓▓▒▒░░░♬

►Aurora X (Sonic Loom Records| Bulgaria)
►Master Margherita (Peak Rec | Switzerland )
►Liminal Roots (Roots music|India)
►Loopus in Fabula(Fabula Records| Italy)
►OTT (Twisted records | U.K.)
►Total Eclipse (Mandala Records -France)
►Dee Aura (Tree of Life | Israel)
►Electrocado (Delicious music – Australia)
►Exosomatika (Kinematic-Records – Greece)
►I.R.I.S.(Tree of Life|Bulgaria)
►Kliment (Zenon,Elektrick dream | Bulgaria)
►Ehuty/Duat (Tree of Life |Brazil)
►Therapist(Altar Records|Bulgaria)
►Oriah (Tree of Life |Turkey)
►Raijin Gaijin (MikelaBella Rec.|Israel/Spain)
►Sorian (MikelaBella Rec.|Israel/Spain)
►Kukan dub Lagan (MikelaBella Rec. |Israel/Spain)
►Fabio Leal (Zenon | Brazil)
►Johnny Blue (Mikelabella Records |Cyprus)
►Electic (Tree of Life |Turkey)
►Psymbiosis -(Maharetta Records | Italy )
►Hangover Boy (Indie – Sweden)
►Junior X (Akida bookings | Greece)
►Esh(Punch music | Israel)
►Atıl Aykaya (turkey)
►Eto Moe(Cosmic Art Studio /Israel)*
*Set in memory of Dmitry Matckin (Cosmic Iron ) R.I.P.

►Midi Junkies (Zion 604 Records- Turkey)
►Light Foundation ( ehsun | Iran )
►Relict (Psytrance Activity| Greece)
►Warg aka Magick (Indie |Turkey)
►Mental Soup (MMP |Turkey)

More TBA!


La musica:
Nothing but quality here… ✯ AND..we also also giving a chance to new comers to get exposed.we saved at least 10 slots on two stages.

✯Make sure you send a download link (!) so we can upload on our Soundcloud page and let our listeners decide. (50k listeners each week!)

After Party:
From 28th July 21:00 PM till the next day..dont go anywhere just yet 🙂

That’s all for now…till our next update stay well and be good!

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