Transition Festival 2015 Spain

All You Need To Know About the Upcoming Transition Festival 2015

Join us as we take a break for the scolding realities of this world! It is time to let go your troubles and let loose for a couple of days Transition Festival 2015 will be the ecstasy and bliss you would not want to miss.

It goes without saying that humankind and art cannot function without each another. People have always found music important in their lives, whether for relaxation, or entertainment. This is no different for transition festival. We have the burning desire to offer kind of music that has immense value for our contemporary culture. During the Transition festival 2015, this most anticipated fiesta will feature some of the award-winning dancers, musicians, and other artists to satisfy the needs of their hungry fans.

Last summer the music, the art, and everything took the gathering by storm. This coming summer the event coordinators have vowed to take the spirit a notch higher. You will experience something new and gratifying. You will grow, you will be entertained, and you will witness some of the most powerful music performances you’ve never heard or seen.


The essence of this festival, alongside enjoyment and entertainment, is to promote our unique culture and talents.Nothing can be too small, nothing can be too big all pieces of musical art swill be presented at the station for the fans to enjoy on that day.

The festival will take place on 2015.

Festivals and Events

2015: opening of the festival – song sand dances from all the invited artists – from dancers, musicians, international Trance DJs to anything you can possibly mention. Here the people will listen to their treasured genres of music and dance till the morning sun conquers the night fall darkness. Opening of Trance music festival will mark the climax of the whole festival.Artists from different parts of the world shall drive everybody crazy.You will certainly not be disappointed!

Transition Festival 2015 Lineup

Will be announced soon…

The previous LIVE artists

Dickster Live! Alchemy Records/Brazil

BOOM Shankar: BMSS Records/ Germany

KABAYUN Live! Looney Moon Records/ USA

YING YANK MONK Live! Maharetta Rec/ Spain


DJ. Dejan Jovanovic is one of the popular DJs that took the crowd by storm during the last event at Universo Paralello. This upcoming artist has a unique style, combining, lyrical tunes, drumming, effects and ambient. His selection of music is not only pleasing to the ears, but can also raise your mood, get you calm, relaxed and excited.

TICKETS TO Transition Festival 2015

Advanced tickets are available. Tickets can as well be applied for online, all details soon… 🙂

Transition Festival 2015 LOCATION

The location is yet to be disclosed. But it’s obvious that location is going to be somewhere at the coast. The blue waters of the sea will stir your soul and raise your spirit.  The spectacular view of the rising sun is also a site to behold; its golden rays will gladden your heart and make you begin your day with the highest spirits ever! You can never go wrong in this. The media will also be present to take the limelight.

Last summer marked the largest and oldest arts celebrations…dance, music, and theatre, leaving a significant impact on the world of art.The Transition Festival 2015 is no longer a secret and it isn’t going to be an ordinary fiesta. In fact, it’s going to more of a fun than a usual carnival. Perhaps, it will be the most famous and celebrated entertaining event of all time.

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