Trance Music

Trance music is one of the many genres of music that is developed in Germany around 1990’s. It is an electronic type of music dance that is characterized and uses tempo that beats between 110 and 150 per minute and repeats melodic phrases. It is also a musical form and a genre that applies electronic music styles including classical music, house, chill-out, film music, pop and techno. Trance music has different genres such as:

Goa Trance

Goa trance is both a style of trance music and electronic music. This genre of trance music was developed and started in the Goa Indian state. Goa trance is a dance trance, which is created with an aim of assisting dancers in experiencing bodily transcendence like those ancient shamanic rituals. It uses energetic beats that are typically in a 4/4 time and is consist of note patterns either the 16th or 32nd. More about Goa Trance


Psytrance is another form of electronic music that is characterized by the hypnotic arrangements and combination of complex layered melodies and synthetic rhythms. This type trance music is often played in the morning during any types of outdoor parties, specifically in Australian doof parties. More about Psytrance.

Full-on trance

Full-on Trance otherwise known as a melodic psytrance is another form of psychedelic trances that was developed in Israel. This type of trance music was formed and influenced by the genre radio-friendly trance specifically those types of uplifting trance with futuristic melodies. More about Full On Trance

Progressive Trance

Progressive Psy trance is a sub-genre of trance music that contains the elements and characteristic of techno, ambient and house music. A typical track of progressive starts with slow ambient beats and is followed by a breakdown and the main melody of the music. Both vocals and its electronic effects are played in the intro and coda part. More about Progressive Psy.

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