The Vortex Festival


The Vortex Festival is an outdoor psychedelic music festival that takes place twice a year, once in December and the other one in April, where you get transported into a […]



MECHANIC NOISE MECHANIC NOISE it’s a project of Psytrance of the music producer, DJ and arrangement Ronie Macedo, name that’s also behind of the House Project called ATTARII. MECHANIC NOISE […]

PsyTrance mixes by Akibel

PsyTrance mixes by Akibel

The prefix -aki is derived from the word “ani”, also known as “chi”, meaning “life force” and -bel comes from the word “decibel” to form the concept of Akibel, the […]

Johnnson aka Yoni Goldberg

Johnnson aka Yoni Goldberg - Dj biography and progressive trance mix

Johnnson aka Yoni Goldberg from Israel 32 y.o today, is all about electronic music, going from the beach via the club to the forest with unique style of Progressive Trance. […]