Spiritual Ritual Festival
Line Up2to6 Records Label Promo Event

***Live Artists***

Electrypnose (2to6 Records)

Highstyle ( Looney Moon Records)

Jangaramongara (Vantara Vichitra, Records)

Jaramogi & Naima (Blue Hour Sounds)

Karash (2to6, Records)

Makadam / Gojja (Sanaton Records)

Malice in Wonderland (2to6, records)

Master Margherita (Blue Hour Sounds)

Padja Nibiru (Popol Vuh Records)

Tersius (Vantara Vichitra / Zenon Records)

Torog (2to6, SW)

Twisted Kala (Lycantrop / Akashik, FR)

Whrikk (Sanaton Records)

Bubbleguns ( Psyde Effect Records)

Paraforce ( Shiva Squad Records)

Psycharge (Plasmasphere Productions)

Vaeya ( Zenon / Occulta / Glitchy Tonic Records)


Alien Trancesistor / Panduranga (Vantara Vichitra Records)

Ananda (Clairvoyance Projekt)

Cosmic Blue Moon (2to6 Records)

Naima (Sangoma Records

Nishan (Digital Om Productions)

Oddicon (Purple Hexagon / Looney Moon Experiment / Vantara Vichitra Records)

Professor (Tranceport Crew)

Trailoka VS Fraktal Sequence (Omveda / Hypnotique Recordings)
DecoArt Lab
Nebolla Stellar
Infoૐ Psychedelic Trance Festival ૐ
2to6 Records Label Promo Event

Spiritual Ritual is an outdoor Electronic and Psy-Trance, Art and Cultural gathering in the Himalayas. It seeks to promote Nepalese culture, lifestyle and electronic music. It is crafted to bring together travelers and tribes from all the corner of the Earth and embrace life. High in the Mountain top with serene view of the Himalayas taking you on a sacred journey.

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