Getting Into the Groove of Sonica Festival 2015 Italy

Hey you all Trance Festivals freaks – the Sonica Festival 2015 Italy is getting closer and it’s time to look ahead to this popular festival which brings you Italian countryside and lots of music. The festival is in its 10th year and 2015 is bound to be spectacular with this tenth anniversary being very important on the agenda of the organizers.

Although the exact date has not yet been confirmed, it is reported as likely to be from Friday 10th July for the whole weekend, culminating on the Sunday evening in Bologna, Italy. As usual, Sonica Festival 2015 Italy goers will be encouraged to leave the site as found and visitors can enjoy the benefits of HE.ART, a healing experience combining art, ecology and healing.

Workshops at this event are known to be diverse, from body mosaic to laughter yoga and enthusiasts won’t be disappointed by the variety of workshops available to them. Energy balance, loom weaving and Mandala therapy are all events to be expected in the wonderful ambiance of music, light and nature. You may even find yourself on the blowing end of an Australian Didgeridoo thanks to the festival’s links with Australian Macello Ballardini who gives workshops which explain and encourage those participating to see what dreamtime is all about.

As for food and craft stalls, Sonica Festival 2015 in Italy promises to deliver in style and is particularly choosy about the quality of items offered to festival participants. All products and food is screened for quality before being permitted to be sold, allowing visitors to have great confidence in the catchword of “quality” which is so synonymous with the Sonica Festival experience.

Sonica Festival 2015 lineup

The full lineup to Sonica will be announced soon…

One of the happiest festivals in the European calendar, the Sonica festival is worth keeping on your calendar for next year simply because it’s established as an art, trance music and ecology trip into a world of experimentation, color, light and new found energy.

So what’s the deal with Sonica festival?

The festival organizers always come up trumps for organization without regimentation. It’s a hip experience light years away from the stresses of everyday life, where nature blends and bends with the sounds and sights of the festival fitting into the environment in a way that gives total harmony. That’s quite a promise, though the organizers have always given festival goers a memorable experience that lives up to promise and are intent on continuing to be selective in their choices, to ensure that the Sonica festival, 2015 Italy opens up new channels for those seeking the perfect venue and the perfect festival experience music wise.

Stay Tuned…

Sonica Festival 2015 visitors will have no problem staying tuned as being in tune is what the festival encompasses. Add Italian weather, Italian warmth of spirit and a crowd of people whose numbers will be limited to manageable – and the recipe for success is assured. For tickets for this event, however, you do need to stay tuned and save this page to your favorites ready to be sure of your reservation.

Sonica Festival 2015 Videos

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