Schallkonflikt festival 2015 – Germany


The Schallkonflikt Festival 2015 – Germany, looks like it’s going to be the place to be, in early May 2015, judging by previous successes and celebrated lineups. Last year’s lineup included an impressive variety of trance acts including Egorythmia, Protonica, Idylle and Sound Dragon and was hailed as a success with an audience of over 2,300 people. That’s good news for those traveling around Europe for the May festivities.

Held in Wendisch Priborn which is between Hamburg and Berlin, the festival will no doubt feature live acts which will knock your socks off. This is an event in the trance music calendar not to be missed as people come from all over Europe to enjoy the ambiance and atmosphere that becomes electric. Deep into the night, be embraced by sound and visually amazed by lights as the festival kicks into gear with a panache only the Germans know how. It promises to be an event which is memorable and unforgettable.

For details of transport possibilities keep your eyes peeled on the Facebook page of the festival, though saving our page to your favorites will ensure you get the tickets to the festival in plenty of time, and at good prices. Festivals in Europe do have limited numbers of tickets, with only a few actually sold on the day at more expensive prices.

The tents in tipi style that contrast and silhouette against the evening sky are memorable as many fans have already found from visiting festivals in the past, but the Shallkonflikt festival 2015 – Germany, is going to be the in venue for light and sound. The organizers promised fans a relaxing time which takes them back to nature against the massive baselines of the music and the eclectric mix of artists. That was this year. Next year, Shallkinflikt festival 2015 – Germany promises once again to come up trumps for fans who can forget about the world and totally absorb themselves into the atmosphere created by artists who know how to make people relax. Coupled with the natural backdrop of the trance festival, the trance music performed will indeed take you away from the world of struggle into a world where people are allowed to switch off and let the music take over.

Tickets to Schallkonflikt festival 2015

All the details soon…

The venue for this festival is a great one with good acoustics and lots of camp site fun. Tickets will be selling out quickly as fans make their way through the festival calendar in Europe, getting the best of what each European country has on offer. Shallkinflikt Festival 2015 – Germany will be a favorite venue, so watch this space for tickets.

So what’s on the agenda for next year? It’s a closely guarded secret at this time, though not for long. Looking at the lineup for this year, next year will almost certainly be more impressive as the organizers are discovering what goes down well with folk who attend. The biggest lesson learned from previous festivals was appreciation to all fans for their enthusiasm, their togetherness and their embrace of the idea that trance is about sharing; it’s about meditation and motion and wakes up the senses like no other kind of music can. Supported by Mushroom Magazine, Schallkonflikt Festival 2015 – Germany dates will be released shortly.

Schallkonflikt festival 2015 Line up

All the details soon…

In the meantime, watch out for bargain tickets to Hamburg and Berlin for around the middle of May and look up transport arrangements to get you there. We’ll be back soon with all the news and updates you need to get you on the road with your ticket in your hand, ready to turn off the “off” switch and simply enjoy.


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