The prefix -aki is derived from the word “ani”, also known as “chi”, meaning “life force” and -bel comes from the word “decibel” to form the concept of Akibel, the “musical life force”. And her psytrance cocktail sure pulses with the life of its electric melodies and fast-paced fullon beats that unite the old school with the next level in harmony.

Akibel Bio

The story says that Akibel is one of those mystical DJs that are simply out there out of love for the music. Her genuine passion for psytrance was so vivid that her close friends kind of requested that she gave mixing a shot in order to spread it to the dancefloor -like a wildfire.

Soon, it became clear that she was obviously made for the role as she began to contaminate the dancefloor with aerial and uplifting vibes channeled through an instinct for selection that is the mark of a true music lover. On top of that, her energetic presence wraps the music and the crowd to-gether and gives life to the moment, a fact that is reflected in her stage name, Akibel.

It is not a surprise that after only 4 years of activity, she already has a quite impressive record, having played in more than 80 events, including several major outdoor festivals where a booking means recognition from the Quebec psy scene as well as a chance to shine for the local artists. She already took control of the decks in Eclipse 2012-2014, Space Gathering (2010 – 2012 – 2014), Open Mind Festival (2011 – 2013), Pandemonium (2011 – 2012), Orion 2012-2014, SOMA ELIXIR DIVINO 2013 in Mexico and Aztec Contact 2013 in Mexico city. 2014 summer festivals started with Kupuri festival in Mexico and she played in every Quebec’s festivals this summer !

Logic Vision Records was her first home as a DJ and after two years, she decided to end the colla-boration to develop and to promote her own vision of the music and the love that she never stopped feeling for it. She is now a part of Kupuri Music in Mexico.

PsyTrance mixes by Akibel

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