Hanan Ben Armon aka Didrapest is from Beer Sheva, a city in southern Israel. His journey through Trance started in the mid 90’s. He collected Trance music on Vinyls, cd’s, and Dat format. He got his first opportunity to play a DJ set at a friend’s underground open air party, and started playing his famous sets all over Israel at clubs, open air parties and festivals.

Hanan started producing electronic music in early 2002 and built his own studio, developing his own style and his unique sound that is now known as Didrapest. He creates solid Psychedelic Trance, carefully blended Goa Trance influences with exciting atmospheric, aggressive and uplifting beats, carving strong emotions into crispy clear production.

Didrapest put together a compilation for Enigmatic Sound Japan in 2006, getting a successful response in the international Psychedelic Trance scene. He collaborated with various producers such as Melicia, Yahel, Indra, remixing and releasing tracks from Talamasca, Eskimo and Altom on internationally recognized labels such as Planet Ben, Ftp Music, Enigmatic Sound Japan, Spliff Music, Dacru, Kagdila, Magma, and U.S.T.A. He has released 4 hit albums so far and his 5th album will be released in early 2014.

Didrapest started collaborating with Loose Records Japan in late 2013. Stay tuned for more news about this new venture!

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