The Dutch take on psy trance

The void is a place in space and time where there is absolutely nothing but total darkness… Except for one thing, unlimited potential for anything to come into existence. With our consciousness and imagination we can manifest anything out of the void. A new world, new ideas and new ways, art, anything you want. Think of the big bang theory, how there once was nothing and now here we are.

Out of the darkness came the light.

The time for change is here. We are an ever growing and strong global family of peaceful souls. Our wish is to inform, inspire and awaken people of all nations and cultures to get together for a week of music, arts and spiritual awakening. Lets unite as one as an example to the rest of the world.

It had to be in somewhere like Holland that someone came up with the idea of Psy-Fi. The Psy-Fi festival 2015, Netherlands is the follow up to the 2014 event which described itself as “Inside the Vortex.” In fact, if you were there, then you would have understood the vortex thing.  A psychedelic experience, the event takes place on a site which incorporates 5 stages in an ambiance of electricity that sucks the dancers into its spell.

With beaches, free camping and plenty of things to see, Psy-Fi Festival 2015, Netherlandswill be held between 27th and 31th August 2015 and the organizer’s message to visitors really does live up to the experience. It’s an event which is supposed to enlighten. It’s supposed to open up spiritual awakening and at the same time, it’s all about trance music, ambiance and dance!

The guest numbers for this year were vast and it’s expected that the festival visitors for 2015 will be greater in number. Join them but book early as there are limited tickets available for the event. Once those tickets are gone, you will have to wait another year, and for an experience such as the Psy-Fi festival, that would close off your possibilities for another year. Keep this page bookmarked for news of ticket releases and line-up of live acts and DJ mixes.

It’s not about dressing up. It’s more about getting away from any thoughts of how to dress, and to simply get your feet on the dance floor and dance.  Watching the light shows of the festival and taking in the ambiance of the festival site promises to be an experience in itself. The Psy-Fi Festival 2015, Netherlands is a must-add to your festival tour plan for the coming year. Featuring Zen Mechanics in this year’s lineup, festival goers can look forward to great things in the year to come. Expect the full on experience in the Full-On Trance area where thoughts are pushed back and the subconscious is allowed to explore inner feelings and emotions without hindrance. It’s all about discovering who you are without having to think about it. It comes with simply being present in the moment.

Setting example by having fun

The biggest message given was that those who visit should set example to people all over the world that the Psy-Fi Festival 2015, Netherlands experience is a positive experience where people of similar mindset get together to have fun and to share discovery.

Opening the mind to possibility

With a fully-fledged healing garden, lecture programs, head shops and ambient forest, expect the unexpected as the artwork, light shows and music fuse into a psy-fi experience that matches up to the theory that all is possible. The organizers mentioned how the bing bang theory was just that; a theory – until it happened. In this way, Psy-Fi Festival 2015, Netherlands offers visitors the possibility of making everything possible.

If planning a trip, Holland, Germany, Croatia, Switzerland and Spain can all be visited easily and are within rail distance, so planning ahead pays off dividends.

Psy-Fi festival 2015 Lineup

Holland is good at presenting festivals because of the diversity of the terrain.  Although it’s only a small country in comparison with others, the Psy-Fi Festival 2015, Netherlands offers a terrain with woodland, islands, inland lakes and multiple stages. That’s a lot of goodies. There’s a good chance of meeting fellow festival patrons here, as Holland is one of the top venues for psy-trance.

5 days and 4 nights of Psychedelic trance!!!!

6 Beaches
5 Stages
2 Islands
Swim lakes
Outdoor open 24/7
pre and after party
Free camping on the lake side
Huge international market street on the beach
400m2 Art gallery displaying the worlds finest Psychedelic art
Wood fired hot-tubs
Flea market
post office
Healing garden
Lecture program
Ambient forest
Art installations
Open air cinema
Head shops
Massive international line-up
Campfires on the beach
Dinner on the beach
Sweat lodge
Hot and cold Showers
Dog pension
Laser shows
3d Projections
Mushroom ceremonies
Fire performances
Lots and lots of nature

And a lot of new additions

MAIN STAGE: (Psytrance, full-on, progressive and dark)

ACE VENTURA – Iboga Records. (IL)
ASTRIX – Hommega Records (IL)
ATMOS – Iboga Records (SE)
AVALON – Nano Records (UK)
CAPTAIN HOOK – Iboga Records. (IL)
COSMOSIS – Holophonic Records (UK)
DICK TREVOR -Nano Records (UK)
FILTERIA – Suntrip Records (SE)
KILLERWATTS – Nano Records (UK)
LIQUID SOUL – Iboga Records. (CH)
PENTA – AuraQuake (PT)
TALPA – Sundance (RS)
TRISTAN – Nano Records (UK)
ZEN MECHANICS – Sourcecode transmissions (NL)

Stay tuned for more info 🙂

CHILL-OUT: (Chill-out and Dub)

ATMOS – Iboga Records (SE)
BLUETECH – Native State Records (HI)
OTT – Twisted Records (UK)
SOLAR FIELDS – Ultimae records (SE)
ZEN MECHANICS – Sourcecode transmissions (NL)

Stay tuned for more info 🙂
ALTERNATIVE STAGE: (Dark, Hi-Tech and Oldscool)

Stay tuned for more info 🙂
TRENCH TOWN: (Balkan beats, D&B, Dub and Reggae)

Stay tuned for more info 🙂
SACRED STAGE: (Lectures, workshops spiritual growth and healing)

Stay tuned for more info 🙂
Stay tuned for more info 🙂

Psy-Fi festival 2015 Tickets

1st phase: 65 Euro 9-11-2014 / 16-11-2014 / 250 tickets max. (SOLD OUT)

2nd phase: 75 Euro 9-11 -2014 / 16-02-2015 / 1000
tickets max.

3rd phase: 90 Euro 9-11-2014 / 26-08-2015 / unlimited
At the gates: 100 Euro / max 20.000 tickets

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