Progressive Trance set by Sara Dopstar

Looking for some freshness in your music vibes ?

well… we would like to introduce you: Sara Dopstar.

this girl makes some great sets of progressive trance and we came across this one, thought it would be a waste not to share with you.

the next progressive trance set, build with lots of passion for the music and combine both prog and psy. Enjoy !


1. Ovnimoon, Lyctum – Power of Positive Mind
2. Darma, Born Sleepy- Freaking out
3. Neuropipes, Ecliptic – Trancedance
4. Vertical Mode – Modular Pitch
5. Sphere, Ritmo – Human Machine
6. Zyce – Eagle Horison
7. Kopel, Audiotec – Awake
8. Lifeforms – Reanimation
9. Lyctum – Consciousness (Zyce Remix)
10. Solaris Vibe, Sonic Sense – Pornstars Overdose
11. Lifeforrms – Equinox
12. Zentura – Light Mountains (Born Sleepy Remix)
13. Egorythmia, Eclip – New Level Of Being
14. Hyponocoustics – Hippies In The Mist
15. Ritree – The Cycle
16. Darma – Deep Hole (Vandetta vs. Ayawaska Remix)

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