Tree of life Festival is a psychedelic Music and Arts Gathering. It is made with a lot of thought, love and dedication, that takes place in turkey and Founded by Yaniv Ben-Ari (U-Recken) and Timuchin Dundar (TMX mind).

They found that the best way to give artists/djs a chance is by sending them a promo mix along with their bio, links and contacts so they will upload it on their soundcloud page and let the crowd decide what they like best and act accordingly.

GeneTrick’s LIVE Entry set for the Festival is filled with his latest and upcoming Progressive Psy Original tracks. If you wish to hear some Solid and Powerfull basslines, Melodic and surprising breaks-This is the PERFECT Set for you!

Help Him get as many plays as possible, so you can hear him LIVE on Tree of Life Festival this year!

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