Shaul Shelach ShiBass , always thinks ahead how to tailor his sets and productions for his devoted fans, but not forgetting to please the casual dancers. ShiBass needs to connect with everyone in the crowd, those who are unfamiliar with his works and at the same time with his followers throughout the years. In 2005 as Psy-trance DJ and since then has been captured dearly by its captivating sounds and enchanting melodies – Broadening his tracks collection with tunes to fit his unique taste.
Not being totally satisfied by the final touch of his music collection. Its when Shauli decided to take it to the next level – crafting, designing and tweaking sounds to his on style and taste. Producing and collaborating alongside side artists such as:,Dapanji, ,Crazy tone ,Echo logic.,technodrome and more.. Just to name a few Rewind back to 2012, ShiBass is signed to leading label biomhanix and is introduced to the world with his Ep “Oforia”. Things started to roll for shauli from that point on, the world wide scene fell captivated with his unique, smart melodic style. Touring massively Before the “Oforia” ShiBass Released Tracks va
In The Begining of 2010 begin ShiBass Travel In AL The World : Brazil Australia Portugal Swiss
Relese of ShiBass
Chemical Drive, Electro Vision, Technodrome, DJ Impulser, Dapanji, Noiact, Blastoyz, Shibass, Syckik
Spliff Music | 2011-09-19

Popol Vuh
A-Mush, Shadai, Technodrome, Panayota, Zion Linguist, Frozen Ghost, Konnektor, Iron Lotus, Shibass, Orianis, X-side, X-Code, Radio.phobic, Outer Signal Josh
Biomechanix Records | 2012-09-22

Artist: ShiBass
Album: Oforia
Label: Biomechanix Records
Catalogue: BMRDR028
Mastering by: Pini Alon aka Tube at Push records studio @ Israel
Cover art by: Mutante works at Mutante studio @ México
Release Date: 2012-06-15

Track list:
1.- ShiBass vs Dapanji – Yabadabado
2.- ShiBass – Engein
3.- ShiBass – Oforia
4.- ShiBass – Mind control
All tracks written and produced by: Shauli Shelah at ShiBass Studio @ Israel
1.- ShiBass vs Dapanji – Yabadabado
W. & P. by: Shauli Shelah & Daniel & Ranji at ShiBass Studio @ Israel
Release notes:
Shelah Shauli better known as ShiBass, is a young talent from the country with more contributions to the psychedelic trance scene, Israel. Oforia is the title of the first release of this great artist, a material quite innovative as each track is a special touch that only ShiBass can bring in their musical style as well as this the first track is a collaboration with a duo that is also part of the birthplace of psychedelic trance, Israel, “Dapanji”.
Grateful to the following people for their unconditional support in the realization of this material: Avizz and the whole team of The Tribe & Biomechanix records, Ranji Dapanji, Shay Technodrome, Maor Echo Logic, Yaron Crazy Tone & Eyal Alon and to all!!

Invitation, Compiled by Bosque
Elektrik Boy, X-avenger, Leppy, Shibass, Dissy, Claudia K., Zetno Project, Ludi Cale, Bosque, Sound Control
Speedsound | 2012-09-28

Speed Sound Rec Present
ShiBass – Dance 2The Rythem Ep
3 Massive Tracks
1.Attack trance
2.Dance 2The Rtyhem
3.Stop The Music

Cat No: KKD032
Release Date: 6th Sept 2013


1. Shibass – Dance Floor
2. Shibass – How High Am I
3. Shibass – One Survival

All Tracks W & P by Shauli Shelach @ Shibass Studios, Israel

Mastering done by Vlad Krivoshein aka Magneto @ Magneto Studios

Released by: Kaos Krew Records
Release/catalogue number: KKD032
Release date: Sep 6, 2013

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