Progressive Psy

Progressive Psy, which is also called Psychedelic Trance, Psytrance  or Psy, is derived from the Greek word “Psyche,” which means mind, spirit, breath, or soul. It is one of the forms of electronic music that is characterized by spellbinding arrangements of complex layered melodies that are created by riffs in high tempo, and synthetic rhythms. Progressive Psy genre has a lot of variety specifically in terms of style, tempo and mood.

Psychedelic Trance has a distinctive rapid sound which is usually faster than the other form of techno or trance music.  It also uses distinctive resonated beats that typically pounds throughout the whole song and covers the bass with various rhythms that are drawn from acid house, Goa, dance, Eurodance, funk, trance and techno with the use of drums and/or other instruments.

The rhythm, leads, and beats that are used in Progressive Psy are being changed after every 8 bars. Layering is also being applied in creating and performing Progressive Psy in order to produce great effect. This is made by adding new musical ideas at a regular interval. Generally, new musical ideas are added after four to eight bars. Layers will be added until the climax of the song is reached, and afterwards, a new rhythmic pattern will be started. The typical length of Progressive Psy is usually about 6 to 10 minutes.

When it comes to how a Progressive Psy track sounds, compared to its other subgenres, this genre has a much cleaner and crisper sound. That is also the reason why this genre became known for its well-constructed bass beats together with its complicated evolution or series of melodies. Progressive Psy Trance is being played and preferred to be played during the day time of an outdoor dance party, specifically in the European Trance scene.

Progressive PsyTrance mix

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