Midnight sun festival 2016 Norway

If you ever felt like you wanted the dancing to go on, long after nightfall and even into the depths of moonlight, then perhaps what’s missing from your festival bookings is the Midnight Sun Festival 2016 – Norway. The point is that unless you’ve tried it, you will never know what it’s like to have 168 full days of sunlight. That’s why this venue was chosen by organizers who have integrated their stomping music into the silent atmosphere of this arctic circle venue as if t’s always been there – though with plenty of noise that locals have accepted as part of the festival.

The spectacular backdrop to the tent area of the camp makes this trance festival a must-visit. Fabulous acoustics are created by the craggy mountain tops against the green hills that offer the festival goers somewhere to escape and to chill. Visitors are always diverse and you can expect surprise at every corner with teepee dwellings around the central dance area, don’t be surprised to find Pink Floyd remixes like you’ve never heard before.

Midnight sun festival 2016 Lineup

To be announced soon…

Although the list of artists is still to be announced, the spectacle of this event in the natural environment of constant light gives festival goers a real chance to test their endurance skills in a wonderful ambiance that energizes and is literally non-stop.

Chill out dance area has everything. Sun, sand, sea and energy bounding dance. It’s a festival goer’s dream come true. The Midnight Sun Festival 2016 dates will be announced in the very near future, although you do need to book and to get your travel itinerary ready for the month of July.

With the stage area set to deliver more decibels of psy trance than may have been expected, the whole festival experience centers around sunlight and although in an arctic region where once may imagine cold, dancers certainly won’t need their extra sweaters on the dance floor.

The one missing element is lights, but who needs them when the sun doesn’t get tired of accompanying the dancers in their energetic attempts to keep up with the music? The Midnight Sun Festival 2016 – Norway may seem a little off the beaten track in Værøy although it has to be where it is, and without that promise of 168 full days of sunlight wouldn’t have the same appeal.

Midnight sun festival 2016 tickets

To be announced soon…

Of all the festivals on next year’s calendar, this one has to top the list as offering visitors a “top of the world” experience second to none. Even the harmony of the sunlight against the music and the melody of dance footsteps didn’t take away from the fact that nature contributes so great a part in this festival. You will meet great people. You can skinny dip in the waters or chill with the wall of mountainous peaks protecting you and your tent in a harmonious playground for dance and music.

Added to this, the organizers of the Midnight Sun Festival 2016 will no doubt have timed the festival to perfection as festival partyers are always amazed at how the onset of darkness brings an end to the festival in a wonderment of atmosphere not created elsewhere on the festival circuit. Nature heads the cast and does so in amazingly good style. Music is provided by DJ and is never more embraced than during non-stop daylight. Don’t forget to bookmark this page as a potential on your Scandinavian festival tour because of its uniqueness and potential to become one of the most memorable festivals you will ever attend. Mother nature did that and continues each season to provide all that’s needed as a backdrop to great psy-trance music.

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