MECHANIC NOISE it’s a project of Psytrance of the music producer, DJ and arrangement Ronie Macedo, name that’s also behind of the House Project called ATTARII.

MECHANIC NOISE can be described as a surround exciting sound, with powerful basslines and lots identity, spreading everyone with their outstanding performances which presents itself. MECHANIC NOISE has sealed in January 2014 with a big Israeli Re-Group Records.

MECHANIC NOISE in 2013 began signing the name of one of the biggest events in Brazil, the EUPHORIA, party where he is resident. Currently, MECHANIC NOISE has been working on new partnerships and remixes of big international names (Faders, Astrix, Captain Hook, Dual Core, Jason Bralli).

MECHANIC NOISE makes part of the DB Live Agency casting, being him the only national artist alongside big international names as: Felix Nargosky, Fresh, Black and White, Space Cat, The 8 Note, Weekend Heroes, X-Noize, Psycraft, Dynamic, Michele Adamson, Sub-6, among many other.

Mechanic NoiseMECHANIC NOISE has been performing in major festivals Open Air in Brasil alongside great artists such as: Felguk, Twice Nice, Weekend Heroes, Captain Hook, Major 7, Alien Project, Sesto Sento, Q.U.A.K.E., Space Cat, Skazi, Sub-6, X-Noize, Timelock, GABE, André Marques, Anderson Noise, Quantize, Electrixx, Re Dupre, Talamasca, Wrecked Machines, Bizzare Contact, Save The Robot, Darth & Vader, Mau Mau, Avi Al Granati, Astrix, Lazy Rich, Rod B., Neelix, Ritmo, Vibe Tribe, Ritree, Daydin, Roger Lyra, D-Addiction, POPOF, Alex Stein, Anthony Rother, Alok, Protonica, Symphonix, Dimitri Nakov, Pixel, Ticon, Emok, Ananda Shake, New Age, Boris Brejcha, Liquid Soul, Ruback and many others.

Stay tuned for this one, looks promising.


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