Roots and self sufficiency

For those who never considered Croatia as a potential location for a cool festival, the Lost Theory Festival 2015 Croatia, may just change that view. This festival takes visitors back to the basics of learning about the strength inside. Campers are also encouraged in the spirit of the festival, to understand that to embody the festival ideology means giving up creature comforts in favor of facing up to life’s possibilities which will be seen through fresh eyes. Wake up to sunlight and the sound of flowing water. Join others on their adventure into the land of self discovery.


The Vila Flora

Like something appearing from a dream, the Vila Flora is the area which offers workshops and resembles the kind of architecture associated with hobbits. It’s a wonderful centerpiece to a very unique experience.


The celebration

Celebrating its fifth anniversary, the Lost Theory Festival 2015 Croatia will be open from the 12th to the 17th August.  Music and light are a huge part of this experience, and festival goers will be pleased with the variety of trance music from different parts of the world, the organizers making sure that the changeover on the main stage was sufficient to keep people coming back. In fact, each night of the Lost Theory Festival 2015 – Croatia experience is expected to follow that same flow, thus attracting visitors from all over the world and from many different cultures.

Trance at its best encourages back to nature beginnings. Forget the world of possessions. Pick flowers and stand on the edge of civilization finding the joy of opening up to possibilities long forgotten.


The location

A shuttle service is available to visitors from all the major airports in Croatia and the site in Deringaj is breathtakingly beautiful, unspoilt by modern imposition. A hippy friendly location, the festival offers food stalls, family camping, swimming and showers. The most important thing of all isn’t forgotten. As you get into the trance music and lose yourself in an energetic harmony with the music, expect to be thirsty. Water is provided on site.


The lights, the music and the philosophy

As evening falls and the sun goes down, the Lost Theory Festival 2015 – Croatia will light up the skies with color. Although the lineup for 2015 is not yet fixed, watch this space as it is bound to be interesting based on past events. Expect DJ music and expect live music, but expect diversity because part of the Lost Theory philosophy is that we are one people, and that sometimes we need to get back to who we originated as and find the value within ourselves. This theory crosses the threshold into understanding that people from all over the world are equally welcome to share and to experience the Lost Theory Festival 2015 Croatia.

Be sure to bookmark this page as it’s a huge venue with a huge message making a difference to the way that people view their lives. Add to that the great mixture of people, music and art entertainment which will be on offer, this should be included in any diary of events for festivals in Europe as it’s a major venue with a major message.


A final thought

As you sit in a hammock in the middle of nowhere, you suddenly find where you are. It takes a venue such as Croatia to bring out that place within you where everyone needs to be in order to see the world clearly and to understand their individual part of that vision. If you can get tickets for this one, the sooner the better because booking transfers will be important.

Lost theory Festival 2015 Tickets


Lost theory Festival 2015 Lineup

Abyss oOzE
Already Maged
Atriohm vs Encephalopaticys
Cosmic Dimension
Crossing Mind
Farebi Jalebi
Flooting Grooves
Fractal Gauchos
Frantic Noise
Hutti Heitta
Justin Chaos
Logic Bomb
Master Margherita
Naty Seres
Pandora’s Box
Quantum Mechanica
Sonic Species
Texas Faggott
The Infinity Project
Val Vashar
Vibrasphere by Robert
X-Dream by Marcus
Yab Yum

Lost theory Festival Videos

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