ZoomZoom – Keep in focus for next year

After the cancellation of the 2014 festival, the Little Zoom Festival 2015 , looks to be a promising venue with organizers having learned from experience to find a great location that suits the trance festival image.

If previous festivals are anything to go by, then the attendance figures will be huge, which was part of the problem for the 2014 festival. However, the impressive lineup for the Little Zoom Festival 2015, Switzerland– yet to be released – will more than make up to fans for disappointment.

Getting the venue right for next year

JurgSchmid, the organizer said that this year’s lesson was to get the organization sorted out in the winter, ready for the Little Zoom Festival 2015 , Switzerland show on the road. He addressed his Zoomies with the message that 2015 was going to be a very different story.

With the growing trend of allowing people that freedom of dance, music, expression and art, JurgSchmid will be working his tail off this winter to make sure you get what Zoomies deserve in the coming year. That’s music, dance, more music and more freedom than previously experienced.

The music, the freedom, the party

Goa Productions have been instrumental in providing visitors will an ultimate psychedelic music experience and the Little Zoom Festival 2015 , Switzerland will be offering music and lots of it, both live and DJ, with dancing on several stages and usual chill out area.

The partying in Switzerland at the Zoom Festival is hardball partying. Trance music which accompanies those who take the journey into another space and time is just what it takes for an element of self-discovery and gives visitors the chance to unwind and forget the troubles of the world.

So where will it be?

In the festival circuit in Europe, Switzerland is a major venue, so it’s one worth keeping in focus. Organizers will announce the venue as well as the expected lineup as soon as they are able to, but be sure that the details will be accurate and that no cancellation is envisaged for the Little Zoom Festival, 2015, Switzerland. Bookmark this page, and keep up to date with developments.

Tickets will be available as soon as the news breaks and this is a definite opportunity not to miss. Light shows are spectacular and the attendance is likely to be in the tens of thousands, making up for the disappointment of the cancellation of this year’s Little Zoom Festival.

Zoom in to keep hotwired to the news

The festival is about freedom. It’s about freedom to express and to enjoy. It’s about happy people in a safe, happy environment, enjoying togetherness though at the same time a wonderful sense of individual being in the moment. Supporting your Zoom festival is the best way to thank the organizers for the work done to bring you the Little Zoom Festival 2015, Switzerland.

That’s what is missing from the world, and as you map out your route through other parts of Europe, keep an empty slot in Switzerland for the Little Zoom Festival 2015, Switzerland because it’s likely to be worthwhile zooming in on.

As the man said, watch this space. Zoomies have something wonderful to look forward to in the Little Zoom Festival 2015, Switzerland, as the organizers fight the battle of paperwork to find the ideal location and give you back what bureaucracy decided to take away from you in the current year.

It’s a matter of time and organization and you will be the first Zoomies to know about it. Bookmark this page to be sure you don’t miss the breaking news as and when it is released.

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