Johnnson aka Yoni Goldberg from Israel 32 y.o today, is all about electronic music, going from the beach via the club to the forest with unique style of Progressive Trance. Since he can remember himself, music is a huge part of his life. Johnnson’s affluence came from trance music at all versions of it, from uplifting trance to hardcore.

Yoni Goldberg started his career at the age of 16, djing at local parties and small events. After a few years he was djing at huge parties and big name events in Israel. These days he owns his own radio show running over two ears now  at 1mix called “VocaSenses” where he presents one hour of the best vocal trance.

 In the past few years Johnnson started playing Progressive Psytrance and just fell in love with everything around this genre.

I love djing at the forest the vibes there is something beyond words its magic“.

 His style goes very progressive, you will find his sets full of strong kick, thick baseline and dark sounds. Pure progressive and dark psytrance.
Now he is working on two new projects, a new radio show to be  broadcasted at various stations where you’ll find him djing the best in the progressive psytrance genre.  the other project is in the studio working to release his own original music.

Johnnson’s Progressive Trance music – Enjoy !

Droppp ,,, Bam,,Bam,,Bam by Johnnson on Mixcloud

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